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Posted on: June 1, 2010

So not me ...

We have an expression in our family that I coined: “Precious doesn’t like to sweat.”

I am Precious, although I am not in the least bit precious. The expression refers to my feelings about the heat. And it’s meant to be a tad ironic as sweat and precious don’t usually go together.

Although I write this in air conditioning and not in January or February, I prefer winter to heat. I love to wrap up in a blanket. I hate heat, which means summer days do not appeal to me.

I come by it naturally. My mom used to talk about what life was like in St. Louis before air conditioning. People desperate for sleep tried to catch a cool breeze in Forest Park because they knew they could not sleep at home. Or, they slept on fire escapes.

After she moved to La Crosse, Mom said periodically, “You gotta thank the man who invented air conditioning.” She’d then ask who it was. One time I actually did the research and learned it was a guy name Carrier. And La Crosse, where I live, had a big hand in air conditioning through the Trane Company.

But I digress, as usual.

I’m really writing about an advertisement on Facebook for the Precious Moments breast cancer figurine.  I am a sap in many ways, but I am never to the level of Precious Moments, although I realize for some it and others in the line have great meaning.

The idea that there is now a “special collectible” figurine for breast cancer seems like  jumping on the pink band wagon.

Here’s how this product is described by Precious Moments:

Share in the hope for a cure with this special collectible Precious Moments® breast cancer figurine, a Hamilton Collection exclusive! Depicting two girlfriends participating in a breast cancer walk-a-thon, it truly honors the spirit of loving, caring and sharing because a portion of the proceeds from its sale will be donated to help fight breast cancer.

If you look at the figurine, both of these girlfriends participating in a breast cancer walk-a-thon are absolutely flat – they must have already had double mastectomies. I am embarrassed to have noticed that.

And I know that I should be grateful and I do enjoy a good walk-a-thon with my friends especially the one in La Crosse called Steppin’ Out in Pink. But I do not want a figurine celebrating it.

Incidentally, if all the products that claim to give a portion of their proceeds to fighting breast cancer did so, I’m sure we would have cured it in the last couple years alone. Wait, maybe we should all buy that figurine. Many of them.


I need to add a final note. That moniker, Precious, once became fodder for amusement by my friends at a second hand book sale at the elementary school where my kids went. In pawing through the books, one found a title called Who Killed Precious?

I hate to say it, but after hearing me whine about the heat for years, they paused for a moment wondering, why not this Precious.

But I’m still here.


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