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Sounds of Memory & Me

Posted on: May 4, 2010

The sound of chalk squeaking across the board takes me right back to elementary school. My teacher didn’t squeak the chalk, being the pro that she – rarely he – was with the technology of the day.

But there was always a kid who knew how to drive those of us susceptible to the squeak up a wall, er blackboard.

Sounds, like the tastes we crave from our childhood, bring on the memories.

I'm sure, Dick Van Dyke dialed the phone for Laura and it just sounded cool.

I have some favorite sounds including the sound of Dick Van Dyke dialing a telephone in the old Dick Van Dyke Show. I have no idea why, but the sound of his rotary dialing just sounds so cool to me.

It also brings to mind the days when telephone exchanges had names. Ours in St. Louis was WYdown (WY or 99). Our phone number then was WY3-9740.   My husband’s was Hopkins in Milwaukee. It was HO3-2709. It just seems like telephone numbers had character then.

And I must add one thing about the phone. In an age when most folks might have had one extension phone, we had them in just about every room. No wonder I love to be connected by technology.

Another of my favorite sounds is of cowboys eating beans around the campfire. When I’ve mentioned this in the past, some have assumed I meant the scene from Blazing Saddles. That would be the sound after eating beans. I don’t think I need to explore that further.

I’m remembering cowboy pictures – and they were called pictures rather than movies  then – when the wranglers scraped their tin plate with a spoon. They poured their coffee from a tin coffeepot where it was boiled on the campfire. They wiped their mouths with the back of their hands.

It’s much like my pretending as a kid to drink whiskey in the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge CIty , pouring from a bottle of  Diet Dr Pepper into a shot glass.

I really was and am a cowgirl wannabe. Yeehaa!


1 Response to "Sounds of Memory & Me"

We even had a party line with our neighbor in the late 60’s early 70’s…cannot even imagine that now! Oh and I love the Dick Van Dyke show, and many other old shows. I know that sound of him dialing that rotary phone.

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