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Toilet paper, technology & Me

Posted on: May 2, 2010

Not my house, but sure expresses the quantity I've purchased.

I have always had a special place in my heart for toilet paper. My mom never had less than a dozen rolls on hand, something I used to laugh about.

She’d bring home several four-packs from either Flotkin’s  or Schnucks (I love those names of St. Louis grocery stores).

Saturday, I bought the equivalent of 96 rolls. Hello, Mom.

It was actually 18 mega rolls per package, the equivalent of 48 and I bought two packages.

Really, I feel fine. But those were the only things I walked out with from the store. Hi, Mom.

My warmest toilet paper memory goes back to the mid 1970s when Dick and I, married maybe a year or two at the most, were on our way to a New Year’s Eve poker  party.

We stopped at Kwik Trip because we had none of Mom’s favorite paper. I waited in the car while Dick ran in. It took a long time in an era when I did not realize how impatient I am.

Finally, he came out with a smile. He told me there was a long line of people buying beer and other alcohol and him holding a four-pack of toilet paper. Do we know how to party or what?

And now, I’ll turn to technology, something that I love. I spent  Saturday looking for a new camera, as mine is kaput one month before the extended warranty expires – if I could find  it.

Maggie had mentioned one time that she’d love a Kindle. Later she told me it was not something she would buy for herself.

As a gift for her master’s degree graduation, I thought family could chip in to get her one. But I couldn’t decide between the Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader or the Nook, which is Barnes and Noble’s version. Then the question was whether she’d really use it and wanted to pay for digital books. She also mentioned one time that she wanted to get a really good camera.

I decided to discuss it with her as it was too big a decision for my brain. She thought it would be more practical to have a camera. So family members are chipping in towards that camera.

I’ve already given Michael money towards a computer as his undergraduate degree gift  as he is getting it this month from the University of Minnesota. He’ll pick it out himself and take it with him to grad school in the fall.

And then there is the issue of mobile phones. Two of the phones on our family plan are out of contract; mine has another two months. The problem here is that reception is pretty awful in our house, but the current company is considerably cheaper than the alternative.

I learned about a device that acts as a mini tower in my house.  I bought it and installed it. I think the reception is better. We’ll see. I have 30 days to try it. If I don’t like it, I can return it.

I didn’t make any other decisions Saturday. As I said, I came home with the toilet paper, which is more high tech than the old  Sears catalog that used to be used long before I was born.

But I do share my mom’s love for knowing where her next roll(s) are coming from. I am my mother’s daughter.


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