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Rohap & Me, Part 2

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Paula Deen's hash brown casserole

Kevin was a marvel of nature. He walked into the Rohap holding tank a bit later than most, but he instantly made his presence known. Very known.

He led the holdees – those of us waiting to get into the show for a couple of hours – with Rohap cheers. “Give me an R … Give me an O … Give me an H…”

He found out who had a birthday and organized the crowd into singing happy birthday to this person. There were other cheers for Rohap and her generous spirit from elsewhere in the waiting crowd: “I don’t know if you’ve been told … Rohap’s heart is full of gold.”

We were to be seated by the numbers on our authorization sheets (which included the clause that said no one could write about or record, etc. That’s why I’m not writing about Oprah but about Rohap.)

Also during the wait we chatted with our neighbors about how exciting it was to be there and about who they heard might be on the show. We had been given this vague description about the theme being stars who went back to their first jobs.

The rumor was that the guest was Paula Deen, the Food Network chef who has never met a pound of butter she did not like. And we also heard it was Brooke Burke, co-host of 2010 Dancing with the Stars.

I was more excited about Paula Deen, thinking we’d get to eat some great foods and maybe get her cookbook. I was less interested in Brooke Burke.

Both were in the studio plus on Skype there were Randy Jackson, go-judge of American Idol, and comedian Alexandra Wentworth.

And as I’ve written earlier, there was no car. No house. No cookware. No cooking DVD. We didn’t even get to taste the hash brown casserole that Paula Deen made. We got that pretzel that I wrote about earlier.

However, Julie stopped on the way home from the show to buy the ingredients and made it for dinner. It should have been a once in a lifetime meal, but we also had it for lunch the next day.

Being there was great fun. We were warmed up by a producer, who brought Kevin and others to the front seats and even on stage to rev up the crowd.

And naturally when Oprah came out there was a standing ovation. Some women behind us were talking about wanting to cry when they saw her.

Paula Deen’s first job was in bank, where she worked with another type of dough (rim shot); Brook Burke worked in a pretzel store, Randy Jackson in a grocery store and Alexandra Wentworth was unclear, although she acted like an early job had been on the Oprah show.

After the show, we all were encouraged to visit the Rohap Store, which we did. It was where you can buy everything Oprah, I mean Rohap. I didn’t buy anything, but I’m sure there were many from the show who would buy anything with an O, I mean R.

As much as I love ticky tacky, there was nothing that I wanted to buy. And without a working camera I, Susan T. Hessel, did not take any photos.

But today is National Pretzel Day and the show that I saw is on at 4 p.m. Central time.


2 Responses to "Rohap & Me, Part 2"

Because they starved us to death before the show, it was a damn good pretzel.
P.S. Bob and I are still eating the hash brown casserole and it only gets better!!

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