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The new me & Me

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Yes, it’s the new me.


Nine months after my double mastectomy – my choice but not required – I went to be fit for new ones.

The first thing I did was to request a photo-op in the largest size cup they had – either a double or triple D. It was a joke because I was nowhere near that size back in the day. Why not augment?

Although made out of silicone, the double or triple D inserts were really heavy. I certainly wouldn’t want to lug them around day after day.

I ended up buying – or my insurance is buying – a bra (plus two others on order) in size A. It was still heavy. I’ll wear it for special occasions, although it was pretty heavy to wear yesterday for most of the day.

A friend of mine suggested that I might want to wear this filled bra every day or not at all. If it were worn just periodically, the first thing that people might look at is my chest, wondering if I had them in or not. I think that’s true either way if folks know I had the mastectomies.

It’s kind of like the old Clairol commercial – “Does she or doesn’t she?” As the issue was for hair color, the ad continued with: “Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” In my case, it is only her mastectomy prosthesis specialist who knows for sure.

I never wanted to have breast reconstruction surgery because my goal was to recover faster. And I have, although I had eight months of various treatments.

Acquiring the prosthetic bra was really pretty simple. The specialist took a measurement of my chest and then I tried on different bras and then the prosthetic professional putting in different sized breast placebos until we had the right combination.

It was relaxed and simple. No tears, no frustrations, pretty darn easy. It was done in a private room. And the waiting area had mints in little pink packages, although the one I ate was a bit stale, probably a leftover from Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

As a bonus, I visited with a woman in the waiting area who was up next for her appointment. She had a single mastectomy a week or two before me. We shared chemotherapy and radiation regimens.

Mints or no mints, I might just continue wearing my husband beater – sleeveless white t-shirt – on most days, including today.

I wouldn’t want to give folks too many cheap thrills with my new boobs.


7 Responses to "The new me & Me"

Being that your Web site is our home page on our home computer, I’m going to have to tell Mike that unless he wants a heart attack when he opens the internet browser and see his mother in law shirtless, he should avoid the internet for a few days. Great post though 🙂

I still like the cheese bra. Although you didn’t wear this one as low.

Did you consider DD bra with helium balloon inserts? That would address the day to day heaviness issue 🙂

And that would be better than hydrogen, as we know from the Hindenburg. 🙂

if I had to pick, I’d pick A cup as well…it’s just alot of baggage, and with cantaloupes like mine, going braless can also mean getting backaches…I had a mammogram today, Sue, and thought about you…

What, no Best of Both Worlds bra?

Oh Sue I bet the specialist that worked with you had a nice chuckle today –

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