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Ain’t Gonna Happen Day & Me

Posted on: April 11, 2010

Not an illustration of how I plan to spend my day.

Yes, today is the day we are supposed to pull the plug – meaning not watching television, using our computers or our digital telephones. That would mean no blog and no Facebook Scrabble.

I learned about this madness today in the La Crosse Tribune, where reporter Geri Parlin wrote,

If you’re reading this while watching TV, pick up the remote and turn it off.

If you’re reading this while your daughter is texting her BFF about her Saturday night date, reach over and gently pull the phone out of her hands.

If you’re reading this online at, shut down the computer and pick up the paper copy.

For this one day, the organizers of Earth Month would like you to unplug from electronics. No texting, no surfing, no viewing, no iPod, no iPad, no Xbox.

It ain’t gonna happen with me. I love technology, computers, phones, social media and whatever I can get my hands on.

At 57, I’m proud that I can adopt to and adapt to new technology. Oh, that doesn’t mean that there are no gut-wrenching moments when I have placed panicked calls to tech support. And you wouldn’t like it when I respond to technology that doesn’t work.

And there was that incident when I couldn’t make this instant download box work with my old television.

But give it up? Nope. Ain’t gonna happen.

And innocently, I’m writing while the TV is one. I’ve already read the newspaper – paper edition – but went online to grab the first few paragraphs from the story about Pull the Plug Day. I’ve also checked my Blackberry and will soon post this to my blog.  Is there Facebook Scrabble ahead of me today? Yup.

Did I mention puling the plug ain’t gonna happen?

Oh, at the end of the online article about pulling the plug was a comment from someone who was not amused. (I am amused by the concept of puling the plug.)

Here is what the unamused writer named “Springy” wrote:

The other day I was actually thinking about possibly running around in a loin cloth, scavenging my local forest for nuts or twigs to eat, and watching the sky to see what kind of neat shapes I could see!!! Then it dawned on me – I don’t HAVE to behave like my caveman predecessors after all!

Also, wouldn’t using Cheerios to feed birds take from feeding humans? There are people starving, you know….

Instead of TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIVES, just do it yourself and let the rest of us make our own decisions.

Now that is enough to make me pull the plug – almost.


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