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Hair Update & Me

Posted on: March 24, 2010

What you learn when you have chemotherapy is that you lose your hair – not just on your head – but all over.

Not to get too graphic about it, but I even lost the hairs on my chinny chin chin. Now normally, a woman would not want to discuss such a personal matter as hairs on – actually under – one’s chin. It’s not exactly ladylike.

But the truth is that I have had hairs grow out of an area under my chin where I once had surgery. And they are back. Is that something to celebrate?

About six weeks ago, I described the sudden disappearance of my eyebrows and eyelashes. It came a few weeks after I had completed chemotherapy, which made me feel that it was “a late hit,” an action would have gotten the penalty flag thrown in football.

Just as suddenly as the lashes and brows went away, they reappeared. Like magic. Fully grown. I also have hair on my arms. I’m not stopping there.

I’m going to the top of my head. I was never completely bald; I always had some hairs that stuck up like a not so complete crew cut or like I just finished boot camp.

I now have very, very short hair all over my head, but it clearly is growing.

When hair on my head first starting coming in, it was incredibly soft. Soon it had the consistency of a tennis ball.

And now, it is a little less soft but still touchable (for a quarter; I’m merely marketing).

And now it is all filled in, but very short. I can see my hairline, which looks a little like Eddie “Woflgang” Munster from “The Munsters” television show from 1964-1966. He’s shown here with his toy doll.

I don’t have dark hair like Eddie but you can see that my front hairline is curved like his.

It’s definitely coming back. I had dinner in Dubuque Monday evening with a woman who is eight years out of chemotherapy and radiation. She is the wife of the boss of the friend I visited.

I was wearing my hat and showed what was underneath. She told me that about the length of my hair now was where it was when she stopped wearing a hat. I kept my hat off; it’s more comfortable that way.

Sisterhood is powerful, but let’s create bonds over other things than breast cancer. Misery does NOT love company when it comes to this disease.

I’ve been walking into the bathroom to get ready to go somewhere with an inclination to brush my hair. Still not necessary, but in another couple months I definitely will need to do so.

Can hair conditioner be far behind?


3 Responses to "Hair Update & Me"

When you start drying your hair with a wash cloth rather than a kleenex, you know you are back!!!
It is odd fetish that someone who has been bald develops…you find yourself touching with your hair more than you ever did in your previous life…you just want to celebrate the fact it is actually still there.
My motto for the past 15 years has been “any day with hair is a good day”…I still stand by that.

You’ve got that right. Could you see the resemblance with Eddie Munster?

thank you for addressing an issue many women face!

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