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Injustice, Scrabble, my friend Laurie, & Me

Posted on: March 23, 2010

Finally, a keyboard I can use.

Do you want to know what injustice is? Take a look at Laurie’s Scrabble letters. Actually, you can’t look at them but I can tell you she has vowels. Lots of them. In game after game after game of Scrabble.

She has complained about this injustice as we played Scrabble via Facebook. Just about all of them in game after game after game.

Frankly, I didn’t think much of that suffering until I saw it and heard the details about Laurie’s vowels in an uproar. Right here in Dubuque, Iowa.

Laurie, a childhood friend from St. Louis with whom I reconnected about ten years ago, is an avid Scrabble player like I am. So when she told me she was going to be in Dubuque for a work presentation, I offered to drive down as it was just about two and a half hours from La Crosse, give or take the farm implements on the road..

It was the first time I drove myself out of town since this whole cancer thing began. It was another celebration.

And I must add, she did not write words like, “die” on the Scrabble board like my friend, Julie, did when she came to visit me a few months ago in the midst of my chemotherapy. Of course, I recently played the word, “mortuary,” on the board, getting a 50 point bonus.

No Laurie had the courtesy of having all those vowels, which she offered to show me as in “Do you want to see my rack?” (Scrabble rack.)

I thought that was a little insensitive considering I had that double mastectomy thing in August. (I do try to rack up as many jokes as possible.)

So after dinner with her colleagues Monday night, we returned to our room at the Hampton Inn (will that nod to Hampton get us a free room?).  We set up the Scrabble board between on the nightstand between the beds and commenced laughing, talking and playing.

But that was not enough. We also had our laptops out and played other games on Facebook while we waited for each other person to move.

With Facebook, you have many games going at the same time and just play the games in which you have moves. It’s why I have something like 60 games going.

You can also “chat” with anyone on Facebook while you are playing, which can involve talking trash and/or complaining about all the vowels in your life.

I, of course, would never complain about my letters – unless they are bad.

Mind your ‘P’s, ‘Q’s and ‘U’s as you go through life.


2 Responses to "Injustice, Scrabble, my friend Laurie, & Me"

Please tell Laurie I feel her pain. I am constantly getting unplayable racks: either all vowels or all consonants or all one-pointers that make no words. This NEVER happened when I played the board version of Scrabble. It’s why my stats suck.

Hey, I used TWO vowels in DIE! That must count for something in vowel hell.

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