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And Then There Were None, Agatha & Me

Posted on: March 16, 2010

Hats off! I'm done! (Thanks, Jen Towner for this wonderful photo! I knew it would come in handy.)

Well, Agatha, we made it.

The last radiation was completed today. I know Ms. Christie’s book, And Then There Were None, has ten dead bodies, but  I can report just one body here and it’s still living and breathing.

And I’m pleased that I’ve completed my breast cancer treatment (except for that pesky matter of taking a drug to prevent recurrence for ten years).

I came through it all pretty damn well, if I must say so myself. I’ve been fortunate to have no serious complications. Oh I had that incredibly itchy toe that became infected three times and one bladder infection. But, all in all, they were just  a bunch of temporary inconveniences.

I had a hint about the risks of cancer treatment when I came in for my second chemotherapy session and my oncologist commented that I did really well. “You didn’t end up in the hospital.”

Yikes. This is a serious business.

As I’ve said a few times since diagnosis, cancer is too serious not to laugh. That’s why I’m equally proud I’ve maintained my sense of humor.

Whatever will I write about now that treatment is over?

I don’t know, but as I noted, I apparently have at least ten years  to find out.


6 Responses to "And Then There Were None, Agatha & Me"

Congratulations! I am so happy you’re officially done with treatment! I hope you take some time to celebrate.

Hoooray! Hooray! Hoooray! Hoooray!

YEA! Raise the roof! Push that Tonka truck off the road!
So happy you are finished with these two key parts of treatment.


Love the photo! Hats off to you!

The photo is fabulous! So are you.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Hats off, bring in the marching band !

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