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And then there were four & Me

Posted on: March 10, 2010

Two of my customers, Diane and Collette, and me holding their payments.

It’s amazing how well this radiation countdown thing is working.

After my session today, I have just four left. And, coincidentally there are four quarters in a dollar – something you probably knew.

But four quarters is what I have earned in my hair buds concession stand in the last four days.

At this rate, I will be able to pay my medical bills by the year 2110, give or take a decade or two.

I really am charging a quarter to rub my head. It’s a joke, but I’m taking the money.

Tuesday, for example, an acquaintance said, “your hair looks like something I’d really like to touch.”

“It’ll cost you a quarter,” I replied.

When he looked surprised, I added, “How else can I pay for my medical care?”

“I better give you more than a quarter,” he responded.

But not wanting to gouge the public, I said a quarter would be sufficient. He did cover the cost for another friend to rub my head so I came away today with that tidy sum of 50 cents.

My hair is incredibly soft, downy soft, a reason that I keep rubbing my head myself. I should put a quarter in each time I rub it, but frankly, I am too damn cheap.

The value of my concession stand is depreciating. Once my hair gets to be a couple inches long, its touchability value will be gone. I might have to find other work.

In addition to my hair buds on my head, I also have eyebrows and eye lashes once again, as well as tiny hair on my fingers. “Look I even have hairy knuckles,” I announced.

It turns out hairy knuckles were not a great selling point, even if the blond hair is actually elsewhere on my fingers.

Incidentally, I dreamed the other night that I woke up the next morning with dark hair several inches long. But alas, when I looked in the mirror …

I don’t care about the color – I had already gone back to my natural color – white – before my diagnosis. But as far as the length, I’ve proven a gal can dream.


5 Responses to "And then there were four & Me"

Is there a family discount? I was thinking 20 cents?

Excuse me, I charged your father a quarter. You can pay the full freight.

Do you take credit cards?


this countdown is so fun – you’re almost done!

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