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And then there were eight & Me

Posted on: March 4, 2010

What do 
John Lennon, a Menorah, arachnids, the Brady Bunch and I have in common?

The number eight.

Yes, according to the John Lennon/Paul McCartney song, we have “Eight days a week.” Spider and octopi have eight appendages. The Brady Bunch consists of eight of we don’t count Alice.

And me? I have eight radiation sessions left after today.

Oh and there’s more: eight hot dog buns in a bag to go with ten hot dogs in the package. Figure that one out.

I’d stop writing this if I see an eight-sided stop sign. In December, I’ll start lighting the eight candles in the Menorah  with the shamash – the “assistant candle” that lights the others.

Also, there are eight Crayons in the standard box – as if anyone buys smaller than 24, 48 or 96 Crayons these days. We’re supposed to have eight hours of sleep a night, which helps us to do the exercise to get us the eight-back abs about which some of us dream.

You can tell I had a little help with this blog post from Google – it turns out there are eight bits in a byte. I didn’t know that.

And then there’s the old TV show, “Eight is Enough.”

That’s my hope: that eight more radiation treatments will be enough.

Stay tuned. I’m guess that tomorrow the number seven may play a prominent role in this blog.


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