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And then there were nine & Me

Posted on: March 3, 2010

Lucky Orangina. She still has seven lives left.

What comes in nines?

  • Cat o’ nine tails (please don’t use)
  • Baseball players on the field at a time for a single team
  • Nine lives of cats (especially with my cat Orangina)
  • Nine ladies dancing
  • Pool balls in a rack
  • Front nine or back nine on a golf course or the only nine on the one par 3 course in La Crosse where I used to play
  • The number of stitches saved by a stitch in time
  • Nine patch quilt
  • The planets before Pluto was so rudely demoted. (Hang in there Pluto. I believe in you.)
  • Fingers on two hands if one is lost in an acciden

(I apologize for that one but I found it on the web when I was searching for things that come in sets of nine.)

If you read my post yesterday, you’ll see that I’m doing a countdown to my last radiation treatment.

What else comes in nine?   The remaining radiation treatments.

What else can you think of that comes in sets of nine?

And be prepare to come up with some ideas of things that come in eights. But that is for another day.


1 Response to "And then there were nine & Me"

Incidentally I am now the proud owner of an animal with nine lives. Well, I’m a foster parent, really. Yes, that’s right! Daisy Kolb is now living with us. Sadly she has front claws and likes to use them on furniture, so she’s hangin in the finished basement. But it’s like her palace and she loves it. Not applicable to your post? Sorry…

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