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Listening to my body & Me

Posted on: February 27, 2010

As I was leaving the Cancer Center Friday morning, I chatted with a volunteer and a fellow acupuncture patient about how good I feel.

My skin is turning a darker pink but I have not been overwhelmed with fatigue. There are still 12 sessions left and fatigue is accumulative, but I feel confident I can weather whatever comes my way.

I did admit, however, that I took a couple naps this week.  “That’s good,” the volunteer said. “Listen to your body.”

But what do I really know about my body? What if my body lies? How do I know that when I think I need a nap, it’s not just me being lazy? What is my body trying to say about my aches and pains?

And how do you separate what your mind tells you from the body, itself?

Maybe my body is just too damn chatty for its own good.


A funny thing happened at radiation the other day. As they were getting me into position, one of the radiation therapists asked, “So do you have a dog or a cat?”

“Two cats. Why?”

They pointed to a long white hair on my jeans.

“Clearly, it’s not my hair,” I said with a smile.


On the hair report, I can say that I’m less shiny on top. I seem to have incredibly soft downy hair all on my head. That’s a big improvement over the short hairs that stood up on top.

Whenever anyone wants to touch it, I announce it costs 25 cents but only one person ever paid. Maybe I need to put a sign on top of my head with the price.Perhaps I need to collect in advance or create a coin slot on my head.

So what does my chatty body say about my incoming hair? “Welcome back.”


One last note on the hair front (or hair top), when I arrived at the mall today one of the walkers said, “Hey, here comes curly.” I loved it.  The previous day we had walked briefly together with two others and he commented my hair was like his.


1 Response to "Listening to my body & Me"

I love the idea of your body being too chatty for its own good. That’s a great idea!

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