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Radiation math & Me

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Just as I did chemotherapy math, I am now doing radiation math. It’s a lot more complicated, however, but in the third grade my teacher, Mrs. K something, said I was “a whiz at math.” I mostly grew out of it.

During chemotherapy, I was able to determine when I was 25 percent done, 50 percent done, etc. Of course there were eight sessions. Not too difficult.

Radiation is much more challenging with 33 treatments. But today, halfway through my 17th treatment I was 50 percent done. We had a marching band come through to celebrate, although I felt a little embarrassed with those tuba players walking through. Tuba players are known for being pretty crazy guys. And really, those 77 trombones? Way too many.

OK, so I’m making all this up just to prove I can do the math.

So how about two-thirds of the way through? Easy. That would be the 22nd treatment, which would be Monday, March 1. And three-fourths of the way through? That would be one-fourths of the way through my twenty-fifth treatment on Thursday, March 4.

Seventh-eights of the way through? Please. That would be one-eighth of the way through my 29th treatment. I think. It’s now gotten too complicated.

One thing I can say for sure – I’ll be 100 percent done on March 16th. That fraction would be 33/33 or 1/1. Mrs. K whatever would be very proud.


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