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Me & Amy Winehouse & Me

Posted on: February 21, 2010

I’m wondering if Amy Winehouse ever Googles me. I certainly have used Google to research her, as have many others.

Hundreds of times a day – 2,227 times this week alone – my little post from October 2009 called “Amy Winehouse & Me” has been viewed on my blog. I wish I could say that all these folks were interested in me personally and my breast cancer dragging (it’s more honest to call it that than breast cancer journey, which seems to blithe a description).

I wrote about singer Amy Winehouse, comparing bits of her troubled life with the challenges in my own. As I was preparing for my second round of chemo, these Amy Winehouse song lyrics, “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, no, no, no,” kept going through my head. The son really has a rhythm that sticks with me.

However, I changed the words to “They tried to make me go to chemo. I said yes, yes, yes.” You gotta do what you gotta do.

Amy is a wonderful but troubled singer who has been honored with Grammys for her music, which is a blend of soul, R&B, jazz, funk, doo-wop, and swing.

I can only imagine what folks who Google Amy Winehouse thinks when they land on my breast cancer blog site at

That post was written before Amy Winehouse, who has had drug and other legal problems, showed the world her new breasts – apparently implanted in October 2009. That was right around the time of my post.

She was said to have paid $60,000 to go from 32 B to 32 D. Her father confirmed the implants in news interviews.

So Amy has put her best (implanted) breasts forward. And apparently they have popped out at times in public, either intentionally or because of the proverbial wardrobe malfunction. One report indicated she had to be rushed to emergency at least once because of pain associated with her implants.

Here’s to Amy’s health. If I ever decide on breast reconstruction surgery, I call her for some tips.

In the meantime, thanks to all who drop by my website even in advertently.


3 Responses to "Me & Amy Winehouse & Me"

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In my news search for Winehouse your blog popped up, and I read it, though it’s about different matters, which is ok, as it’s always about different matters when you search profoundly enough. Keep strong, Shessel; you write well, btw., otherwise I’d not have left you a note. I love the sound of my keyboard klickety-klicking and my words coming out, can you tell? Oh, well. Each his own vice, as long as you keep it nice.

Amy paid way too much for her implants, was probably taken advantage of because she has the money.

A friend of ours is having all her breast tissue removed & breast reconstruction done, because there is breast cancer throughout her family & her mother died of it. She’s scared about the surgery, but doesn’t want to be constantly living in fear.

Another friend decided on breast reconstruction for one breast in which a cancerous lump had been found.

It’s a personal choice, but get as much information as you can from the doctor & make certain she/he is reputable. They may even give you a couple numbers to phone of patients of theirs who have had the surgery.

So hang in there & the best of luck!!

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