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Treasure map, Kodak moments, Al Capone, radiation & Me

Posted on: February 19, 2010

Pirate's treasure map, not to be confused with my chest.

Consider yourself lucky. As much as I tried to maneuver by body around my web camera, I could not quite get a photo of my chest.

You are lucky because I have enough scars on my chest to put gangster Al “Scarface” Capone to shame.  I have scars from my double mastectomy, from implantation of my port and from where I had four drains from my surgery. I also have those four tattooed dots.

As of Thursday, I have another treat: a treasure map drawn on my chest with ink. We do not want X to mark the spot here, however. And, it sure wouldn’t be treasure if anything were found there.

It’s really a map for by “boost” radiation sessions, usually the last five of the treatment. The idea is to pay special attention to the surgical area where just by messing with the tissue, cancer cells might escape. Those nasty, soulless cells could potentially regroup around that area. So the scar area gets the “boost” treatments.

The radiation therapists  took pictures after a wire was taped to my scar to get the precise shape and measurements. They took a picture of my chest to match with the measurements of the boost treatment plan. Then they drew what looked like a pirate’s treasure map on my chest and also took a photo of it. Shiver me timbers, lad and lassies.

Certainly, we want no cancer found within the mapped area or anywhere.

Today is also Kodak Moment day at radiation. In addition to my treatment, they take x-rays to compare with the treatment plan. I mumble something like “Geez, I sure wouldn’t want to get that extra radiation” and go ahead, of course.We want them to measure carefully.

The  x-ray has a tiny fraction of the radiations from the zaps I get five times week for 33 sessions.

Although no one says, “Cheese,” I smile anyway when the x-ray is taken. It’s a little cheesy.



2 Responses to "Treasure map, Kodak moments, Al Capone, radiation & Me"

I smile everytime I read your blog – so does the treasure map stay for the duration or is it a “temporary tattoo”?

I will be out of touch next week – we will catch up the first week of March

It washed off on the sea, also known as a shower.

Have a great vacation. Glad I can entertain.

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