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The Town Crier & Me

Posted on: February 17, 2010

Once upon a time, communications were a bit slower than today. We didn’t have newspapers, public radio, 24-hour news channels, or even the Internet. Heck, there weren’t even blogs.

Gasp! Whatever did folks do?

That was long before my time, of course. It was in the olden days; also known as way back when.

In Colonial America, town criers stood on street corners swinging a bell, shouting something like, “It’s six o’clock and all is well.”

I thought of the town crier Tuesday as I came out of my six-month, follow-up appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Kathleen Christian.

I felt like being the town crier, ringing that bell and saying, “It’s six months and all is well.”

Everything was fine; there are no indications of the tumor coming back. With all those poisons from chemotherapy and zapping still going on from daily radiation, cancer  wouldn’t dare rear its ugly head at this point – hopefully at any point.

Dr. Christian and I both said that we did not want the cancer to come back.  And, she said we should be optimistic that it won’t, even with it being stage 3.

I could fret about it. But like Mad Magazine‘s Alfred E. Newman, I prefer to say, “What me worry?”

So I thought about being a town crier standing on street corners in La Crosse  to shout my positive message. But it’s February in Wisconsin. It’s too damn cold. I’ll just shout it in the blog: “It’s six months and all is well.”

P.S. Another quote from Alfred E. Newman also is poignant: “Medical insurance is what allows people to be ill at ease!” But that is for another blog post.


2 Responses to "The Town Crier & Me"

Hoooray! Hoooray! Hoooray!

I am officially caught up on your blog today and am so very happy after reading this one.

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