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A little snow didn’t stop me & Me

Posted on: February 9, 2010

I must confess that I’m a little compulsive. When I’m into something, I’m REALLY into something.

So a little snow this morning did not stop me from my daily rounds at the mall – although not sleeping last Thursday night kept me from my daily rounds last Friday.

Compulsive? Yes. Consistent? No.

When you are a mall walker, you get to know faces, names and sometimes lives. We say good morning (a logical thing to say at 7 a.m.) and wish each other a good day as we put on our coats to leave. Between there are comments about each other’s paces and a few “excuse me(s)” if you pass someone.

This morning I finished my last round with Arlene, who had breast cancer three years ago. (My friends did not show up.)

I meet women everywhere who have had this disease and are years out from treatment. Way to go women – for yourselves and for inspiration for those of us still in treatment.

Arlene ended up with a dead battery so I drove her home. And I pieced together what I knew of her husband, who also happens to be in Kiwanis with my husband.

Her husband is a retired pastor who has said this is a Christian nation and the government should act accordingly.

I know this nation was founded on the principle of freedom of religion, although not everyone remembers that. I could put in all sorts of quotes from George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson supporting that premise, but this difference is not the point.

What we share in common is far more important. We believe in small kindnesses to others and daily walks in the mall (until spring when I’m outa there.) And we value support for other women going through this treatment.

I used to think having children was the great leveler between people. It enables connections between people who might not otherwise have something in common. We connect by sharing stories about our kids: the good, the bad and the ugly things that happened (thankfully, mostly good in our case).

Lately, I’ve noted connections between women who have had breast cancer who I have known or happen to meet in the community. My life will not always revolve around cancer, but when I do have these intersections with women who have gone through it, I have appreciated the encouragement and support.

I look forward to the time when I will be a woman who once had breast cancer five, ten, 15 or 20 years ago. It is my hope that reaching out to women diagnosed after me will help them.

A gal can dream.


2 Responses to "A little snow didn’t stop me & Me"

I believe your dream will come true.

thank you for this entry! i know many women will appreciate the encouragement & support you have to provide…so glad there’s women out there like you who want to help others 🙂

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