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I was out of town, Repunzel & Me

Posted on: February 8, 2010

A view of my new hair and new body.

It was a big moment Saturday morning, sitting with our kids – Maggie, Michael  and Jenny (Michael’s girl friend who is practically a kid of ours) – at brunch.

I took off my hat in the Uptown Diner in Minneapolis, careful not to allow my new long, lush and thick hair to fall into our food. OK, it’s not so long, lush and thick.

“You are not exactly Repunzel yet, Mom,” Maggie said, but “what you have is definitely growing.”

It was a great image. I laughed really hard.

It was amazing. For the first time since this whole breast cancer thing started, I was out of town. I’m back now, so no burglars need visit.

My kids were thrilled with my energy level. As Maggie said, “I feel like I’ve gotten my mom back.”

Michael is finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota, where Maggie also graduated. He and Jenny are now waiting for responses on their grad school applications.

Maggie is finishing her master’s degree at the University of Kansas, while working full time as the communications coordinator for the Blue Valley School District in Overland Park, Kansas.

Maggie flew into Minneapolis Friday night because of a baby shower for her old college roommate. Her life has taken a turn since she was flying in to go to bridal showers.

We had a great time eating and shopping and eating. Michael and Jenny even fixed us brunch Sunday in Jenny’s place.

I’ve been such a hermit over the last five to six months that it was great to get out of town and not worry about the Boogey Man coming to get me because my immune system was compromised by chemotherapy.

I am back to being me; no hair and all.

And yes, patience is not my strong suit.


2 Responses to "I was out of town, Repunzel & Me"

What a great photo! – You are back Sue & funny as ever – Have you found the missing hat, it is still cold out afterall

Yes, I found my hat. It was in a sweatshirt – my University of Minnesota Mom sweatshirt. I tend to not remove my hat when I remove my clothes and the hat was stuck in the sweatshirt.

You, as someone who is neat and orderly, might not have that problem. 🙂

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