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Medical bills, my cat & Me

Posted on: February 5, 2010

Orangina in a box.

I looked into my cat’s eyes last week on a visit to her in the veterinary hospital and said, “I know how you feel.”

Orangina (yes she is orange and white and was named after the drink) looked just miserable. I knew that look.

Been there.

After a week in the hospital, and mounting veterinary bills in addition to my own medical bills, I said to her veterinarian, “I will be your indentured writer for life.”

“Yes,” Dr. Tom Thompson said. “That’s why we need to make sure that the chemotherapy and radiation are working.”

I laughed. Hard. It was an absolutely perfect response.

Dr. Tom, who had his own bout with cancer a few years ago, said it like it was. We do want that stuff to work, whether to pay off my veterinary and medical bills, or simply because life is too much fun not to be here.

There is a certain amount of irony to my giving Orangina an IV and oral medicine while Dick holds her and a reason I didn’t become a nurse or doctor or anything in medicine.

When my kids were sick, my nursing skills were limited to making Jello and later, handing them a Popsicle. My mom used to make us pudding, which I certainly could have used over the four months of chemo.

I was not at all hard hearted about my children’s illnesses. I just am a weenie when it comes to body functions. Yuck.

I do remember one time when one of my babies – whose name shall be nameless in order to avoid embarrassing Michael – threw up all over me. And, I mean all over me.

At the time, I was wrapped up in a blanket holding the unnamed baby. We were covered and not just with the blanket. I called for help from Dick, who grabbed up everything while I took the baby upstairs to be changed.

The next day, we were looking for the remote control and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Later, I found a perfectly clean remote control in the dryer. With new batteries, it worked again – although clicking it at the other clothes in the laundry basket did not get the clothes put away.

Here’s to Orangina, Dr. Tom and the success of my chemo and radiation so I can pay off bills and continue to enjoy life.


4 Responses to "Medical bills, my cat & Me"

Haha! That’s a great story about child who shall remain nameless!

Here, here to success.

wait a sec…wha?…Orangina has cancer? now you’re really breakin’ my heart…

No, Orangina had kidney failure, but she is much, much better. I, however, am an orphan.

(That may be in very bad taste, but …)

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