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Multi-tasking, Netiquette, Camp Taum Sauk & Me

Posted on: February 4, 2010

Proof no dorky photo of me will be left unposted. Cool hat, eh?

Caution: You’ll need to be able to multi-task to follow this blog entry.

I was playing Scrabble on Facebook, checking my e-mail, and looking for answers to the La Crosse Tribune crossword puzzle on Google. And where was that photo of me at camp, not to mention my favorite hat?

You may think it’s cheating to look up the answer to “No. 74 on the table” but at least I knew it referred to the periodic table, something I never memorized. The answer, by the way, was tungsten.  And, for the record, “No. 51 on the table” is antimony and No. 78 on the table is platinum.

But I digress … the real point of this post is that I was doing all this while I was watching a program on public television called “Digital Nation.” I first heard about the program while listening to public radio on a walk. It was all about the dangers multi-tasking and being constantly connected to media – phones, texting, computers, Internet, etc.

I’ll have to Google multi-tasking to figure out what this multi-tasking thing is.

Yes, research is showing that multi-tasking (I’m watching TV as I write this and thinking about what I need to get ready to go for my walk in a few minutes, and still haven’t found my hat) may be making us less efficient.

And it’s risky. Texting and driving increases the risk of accidents many more fold than drinking. (I don’t text and drive, but I do talk on the phone. Drinking alcohol is not my thing.)

Yes, I am a multi-tasker from way back, something that is unusual for someone in my age group. It is supposed to be my kids’ generation – particularly Michael’s – than mine. Kids are considered to be “digital natives,” meaning they grew up with it while the older folks had to adapt to new technology.

I thought multi-tasking made me a Woman of the 21st Century.  Turns out it may just be an indication of attention problems to bounce from writing to Google to e-mail.

When I like something, I REALLY like something. I do it a lot. That was true about scrapbooking years ago and the Internet today.  And, certainly it is true about my Scrabble addiction. Heck, I love radiation so much that I go every day.

I love the Internet.  I love technology so much that a friend told me that she expected one day that I would have it attached to me around my neck. Soon I had a Blackberry, which allows me to check my e-mail everywhere I go – even on the train to Portland a year or so ago.

Now, what I most loved about that story on Digital Nation was a segment on South Korea’s response to over use of the Internet in children – a two-week camp called the Internet Survival School. Students live there and, in effect, get deprogrammed from the Internet by going outside and experiencing a 1950s-style childhood.

I loved camp as a kid, a reason that I was searching for that photo that I mentioned earlier in this post. It was a photo of me at Camp Taum Sauk – and yes I’m wearing a hat but it’s not the one I’m still seeking in the house.

Incidentally, I could not find that missing photo on either of my computers (looking in an album is so 1999), but I remembered I had uploaded it to Facebook. So that’s where I got it.

Have you seen my missing hat? It was not on Facebook or Twitter.

I do have to go back to that Digital Nation program one more time. In South Korea, children are taught responsible computer use. “I think they must learn ethics first, Internet etiquette and manners, and then learn the technical side of it, said instructor Yoo Soo-Gyeong, through an interpreter. (

And while I still remember my camp songs from Camp Taum Sauk, I am willing to learn a new song. Korean children learn this one in school about the need for “netiquette” on the Internet:

“I am the guardian angel.

I will be the first to protect.

Though faces are unknown,

it’s a warm neighborhood.

Precious Internet friend, Netiquette.”


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