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Optimism, Ms. Congeniality & Me

Posted on: February 3, 2010

Diane and CCollettteeete on No Hair Day.

Mullet or Mohawk?

If there is a Miss Congeniality for hair loss, I’m sure I would be a contender – at least for a while. No one was a better sport than me about losing her hair to chemotherapy.

I was almost in a hurry to see that happen because I just wanted to get on to the next stage. I’ve never been very good at transitions.

Collletttteeeee (I always have too few or too many letters in her name so I’m embracing the error) took photos as Diane cut off my hair to about a half-inch.

Diane is our mutual dear friend, and hairdresser (or what my mom used to call “beauty operator.”)  Diane went through her own hairlessness a year ago after a brain aneurysm, but is back to her full head of hair, wonderful heart that never went away and great mind.

Ms. October

The photos of the transition in my hair include a mullet and an attempt at a Mohawk. I figured if I could laugh about it, I could deal with it.

I went even further in this effort to laugh off my hair, although chemotherapy had much more of an impact.

Once my hair was mostly gone, I had silly photos taken of me by another dear friend, Jen, a wonderful photographer. ( photography). We had so much fun trying to put together images for a Bald Headed Lady calendar that I hoped to make for 2010, but did not have the strength at the moment it needed to be done.

Besides hair loss was so 2009; hair gain is so 2010.

Yes, I’m ready to have my hair back now! Right now! (And I don’t use exclamation points often!)

You know the stuff, which Dictionary.Com describes as: Any of the cylindrical, keratinized, often pigmented filaments characteristically growing from the epidermis of a mammal.

I do stare in the mirror often to see if any cylindrical, keratinized, often pigmented filaments have grown. The white hair I have stands up on top, but is little more than peach fuzz. (I’m still charging 25 cents to touch it.)

I took a ruler to my head a few weeks ago, and just did it again, but who knows if I was in the same spot. It’s not an easy comparison.

This time I took the photo with Photo Booth software on the Mac since my son Michael is away at school and unavailable to take my photo.

Photo Booth also allowed me to use a special effect called “glow in the dark.” That effect seemed appropriate now that I’m going through radiation.

Today's measurement

Is my hair glowing in the dark?

But I remain so optimistic about getting my hair back that I stocked up.

I was hoping to have more hair when I see my kids this weekend in the Twin Cities, but alas …

Much like a watched pot does not boil, evidently, a watched head does not hair.


4 Responses to "Optimism, Ms. Congeniality & Me"

Oh, you beautiful doll!! (Many dolls have no hair after years of affection from their owners.)

My trip to Australia was fabulous and eventually I’ll have some photos and maybe even video on line. Meanwhile, a key statement in the opening plenary of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne:

“Let’s work together to make religion part of the solution and not part of the problem…”

There were 5700 attendees from 80 countries speaking 200 languages and representing 120 religions–including many indigenous.

Keep up the laughter and we’re all with you!


The thing is though, hair distracts everyone from seeing the real beauty in the face.

May be “so 2009” but I don’t agree. You look fabulous (as my wise ol’ granny used to tell me) “in or out of anything,” including hair.

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