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Tiger Woods & Me

Posted on: February 1, 2010

Tiger Woods & Me. Obviously a photo taken a couple years ago.

Another one you didn’t see coming; I’m sure.

Today,  when I finished my 3.3 mile walk at the mall, the voice of Tiger Woods came on my iPod, which tracks my distance and speed:

This is Tiger Woods: Congratulations. You’ve just completed your fastest mile to date.

It was enough to make me take up golf.


I played golf for a season or two with friends from the School District of La Crosse plus my friend, Gayda. It was great fun at the time as we called ourselves the Not Up to Par Players (NUPP).

(I know that it is really down to par but we couldn’t create a cool acronym for that one.)

I grew tired of golf. What I don’t like about it is it is hot and there are bugs.

But that personal message from Tiger Woods amused the heck out of me. I know longer claim I have no connection with him.

I am not one of his 17 mistresses (Why are women automatically called mistresses in these situations?), or am I?  You can check out a list of photos and descriptions of the women connected with him – supposedly – at this website

The website does give a caveat: “So that’s it for now – 17 women. Remember they are still not all confirmed though.”

I am not that interested in Tiger, actually, just amused that he popped up this morning to congratulate me. Obviously, these programmed voices were created before Tigergate.

And now, I’m wondering if I walk faster tomorrow, if I’ll hear from John Edwards.


2 Responses to "Tiger Woods & Me"

Indeed, throwing the ball to save time and sweat is the only way to have fun playing golf.

I didn’t realize it was up to 17! They just keep coming and coming. You should change your story and claim to be #18! Your traffic will certainly increase!!

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