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The scatback in me & Me

Posted on: January 25, 2010

Watching football games at the home of Sue and Bob B is always educational, not to mention fun.

Yesterday, I learned about the scatback, an offensive back in football who is especially fast and elusive. In other words, this term refers to the person who can dodge and weave through players on the football field to bring the ball up the field. It is often a small an agile runner who does this.

In our case, we were talking about a punt and kickoff returner who could get the Packers to a starting place on the field that is farther than the 20 or 25 yard line. In other words, we need a good return guy.

While I’m not small and agile, I loved the term scatback so much that I’m considering being one. Actually, there is no chance of that because I do not want big people to knock me over and jump on me. And you can’t tell me they aren’t smelly.

I love football, but really, even for millions, I wouldn’t do that. I am, after all, a fragile flower. And all those big players have those honking big tattoos. Not for me. Definitely.

I did think that scatback is exactly what I am in the cancer-fighting world. I’m try to weave and dodge around little and big obstacles (but not smelly) that occur with cancer treatment.

I first started watching the Packers games with Bob and Sue this year when I was early in my chemotherapy treatment. And feeling crummy. Sue had to pick me up and drive me home. During the game I was on a recliner with a blanket. Sue and Bob tried to find foods that would get past my missing taste buds.

During the last few games, I still was on the recliner with a blanket, but felt absolutely great. Even before cancer I was a coucher from way back.

Anyway, thanks for the great education, Bob and Sue.

Can’t wait for next season.

P.S. While I was cheering for the Saints and have been really disappointed in Brett Favre going to the Vikings, I would never ever wish him or anyone else injured. It was hard to see the pain on his face as he courageously kept on playing. No matter what, he is great fun to watch because he is still a big kid.  As many Packers fans have said before me, “We’ll never forget you, Brent.”


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