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Was lost, but now it’s found & Me

Posted on: January 24, 2010

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I lost some time this morning before I found myself at the mall.

On the way out the door to go walking I was thinking that I hadn’t connected with Sue K to get the gloves I had lost. She had found them in her car after we walked together a week or so earlier.

But there they were found in a double plastic bag hanging on the outside of my door. I brought them in, ripped open the bag and was on my way. But I realized halfway to the mall that I had forgotten my iPod. I had put it on the table when I opened the bag o’gloves.

(By the way thanks, Sue K, for dropping off the gloves.)

When I arrived at the mall I connected with Sue B, not to be confused with Sue K. Sue K laughed when I told the story and said, “Did you see your scarf hanging with the coats. You must have left it here yesterday.”

I then told her my story of my gloves, as I felt in my pocket for my phone – which constantly is misplaced. It was there.

But Sue B, who is incredibly organized, as is Sue K, admitted she once lost expensive leather gloves the same day she bought them on clearance. She was probably just trying to make me feel better.

With amazing grace, I knew it (whatever it is) was lost but now it’s found, saving a wreck like me many times.

My losing stuff is not connected with chemo brain. For years, I’ve been calling my phone to find it. As I’ve said often, “I spend half my time losing things; and the other half looking for them.”

Missing notes are frequent lost-ees. I have found when I call the person who I interviewed and confess my sin; the notes miraculous rise to the top. Hallelujah!

Did I mention the Sues, B & K, are highly organized? Sue H is not but I’m hoping my lovebility makes up for what I lack in organizational skills. It also helps to have a heavy dose of contrition and to record long interviews.

I love the search capability in the Mac. It has helped me find all sorts of things I’ve written, a reason that I don’t purge stuff on my computer as much as I should.

I have a great story about why purging is not a great idea. This goes back to primitive computing days when I had an old Epson computer – and you didn’t know Epson once made computers.

It was back in the days when discs were floppy, and my Epson had the BIG floppy disks. You put one in for the program and the other to save what you wrote to a disk.

Anyway, the story takes place the day after I threw away purged the story I had written about a doctor who left Gundersen Clinic in La Crosse to work in U.S. embassies. The embassy at which he worked – I think it was Pakistan – was bombed.  He and his family were safe, but that information suddenly was needed.

Moral: you never now what you lost – even through purging – will soon be needed. But how do you find whatever it is?  (I found a rough draft.)

In addition to the television program, “Lost,” there is a whole website dedicated to the “Found.”

Little gems, such as the note left on someone’s car, are posted on the site.

I’m wondering if the writer of this note has a whole pad for such messages as I received an almost identical note on my car some months ago. When I approached my paralled-parked  car, the author of the sweep message stomped up to me, took the note off my windshield and handed it to me, chewing me out.

I apologized and he yelled some more. I hope by the time his paper runs out that he has joined an anger management program.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep losing things and searching for them. I wish I could put GPS finders on everything I own.

Meanwhile, I’ll look for my love note about my parking. I don’t think it’s lost.

P.S. I have looked everywhere. I know I posted that love note  on Facebook, but I went back more than a year and couldn’t find it.  Add it to the list, along with my checkbook, which I left at Sue B’s house when I watched the last game at her house. She found it in the chair where I was sitting. And besides the Packers lost that game. Here’s hoping they are found next season.


1 Response to "Was lost, but now it’s found & Me"

These days, as those “to remember” lists become essential in our house, the most important “found” things are my friends and family.

Thanks for writing. Keep healing.

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