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Simple pleasures & Me

Posted on: January 23, 2010

After walking three laps with my friend, Betty, this morning at the mall, I went on my own for two more (for a total 3.3. miles, but who’s counting?).

The first song that I heard on my iPod was the old Doo Wop song, “Walking along” sing by the Silhouettes, but written by The Diamonds:

Walkin’ along my merry way

Singin’ a song I will be gay

I found a love and love is here to stay

Walking along just feeling glad

Singin’ a song I won’t be sad

Oh, happy day
I’m just walkin’ along

When I’m walkin’ feel just like a king

When I’m singin’ don’t care ’bout a thing

The reason I feel the way I do

You love me, whoo
I love you, who-ooh

Walkin’ along my merry way

Singin’ a song I will be gay

Oh, happy day

I’m just walkin’ along.

I may have looked a little nutty as I was walking along, but how can anyone not sing along to Doo Wop?

Incidentally, the third song that came along was a tune in which Bette Midler sang about walking.  These songs came up randomly as my iPod is on shuffle. But they expressed my mood – just the sheer joy of moving along with the music.

Incidentally, I take off my hat when I walk and I know my baldhead is a little jarring, because it obviously shows that I’m battling something serious. But I always smile and say good morning. And it is a good morning.

After a week of insurance rants, I’m thrilled to remember the joy of simple pleasures in life.


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