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So 2009 & Me

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Coming home from the mall Friday after my early morning walk, I heard a public radio story about the dramatic decline in shipments on the Great Lakes, particularly in raw ore.

The person interviewed said something like, “I just want to forget 2009.”

There is much about 2009 that I’d like to forget, but over all I have to say that I’m not entirely opposed to the year. The first half was certainly better than the second half for me, but even in the second half there were good experiences.

Getting cancer – and don’t take this the wrong way – is a little like going to your own funeral except you are alive. But you get to find out how many people really care about you. And for the record, I’m not heading to my own funeral for a long, long time.

I do want to say that chemotherapy was so 2009 – I am still excited I managed  to squeak through the last treatment on December 30. At least that is done. Radiation is so 2010 –  so the first quarter of 2010.

What I was not expecting is that my toe infection – so 2009 – is also so 2010.

Like the last time just before Christmas, it began as an incredible itch. This time, I rubbed an ice cube against it instead of scratching: until last night when I just couldn’t help myself. I was like a demon scratching away, trying to get relief. That was a bad thing to do.

The result was a blister on my toe and infection. I’m about to be on antibiotics – what I call anti-Bs – for ten days once again.

But the truth is, despite quirky little things like that; I’ve done very well with my treatment. Two toe infections – or is that one toe twice infected – and a bladder infection. Considering I’m immune compromised because of the chemotherapy, that’s pretty damn good. I was never even close to ending up in the hospital after the original surgery.

Still, cancer is the gift that just keeps on giving. Going toe to toe with it is not easy, but I’m hanging in there.

Here’s hoping that the ore shipments improve in 2010 along with my toe.


2 Responses to "So 2009 & Me"

For Christmas this year, my older brother gave me the five DVD set of forty complete episodes of Howdy Doody, which also includes a photo memory book.
I definitely can recall watching the test pattern waiting to hear “What time is it kids? It’s Howdy Doody Ttime!” Think we only had two hours of television in the afternoon back then. So Sue, what can you do with Howdy Doody?

I accept the challenge of Howdy Doody and will thoroughly enjoy writing about Howdy, although I think I did a mention of Howdy a while back when I was talking about chemo math.

But there’s plenty of Howdy to write about.

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