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It’s looking good & Me

Posted on: January 7, 2010

Yesterday, I faxed a letter to my insurance company making the official request for radiation simulation and the treatment. I provided the CPT codes (don’t ask me what they are) that I could possibly need. Apparently, the company prefers that such requests come from the patient.

I also asked for a case manager yesterday and today, a nurse/case manager called. This means I will have one person I can call about my benefits, for information and education. She is an oncology nurse and seems interested and caring. So the big bad insurance company may be much better than feared.

Still waiting for the final approval, but the nurse/case manager does not believe there will be a problem with my getting a gap approval which means “in network” payment for radiation in La Crosse at the Franciscan Skemp Cancer Center. The issue has been the staff of the radiation oncology are from Mayo Rochester and are not “in network.”  The fear was I would have to travel a great distance to get the treatment available just down the hall from where I received chemotherapy.

My treatment should start the first week of February and be five days a week for about seven weeks. (Yes, it’s now close to seven instead of six. Lucky me.)

It won’t be long until I’ll be glowing in the dark.

In the meantime, every day I am feeling stronger and more confident. I love walking regularly again – even at the mall on a very snowy day when my friends chickened out.

Going out in the fresh air is invigorating for me.


5 Responses to "It’s looking good & Me"

Hoooray! Great news! Looking forward to the final approval from the insurance company…

This chicken is relieved to hear this great news. Hoping the final approval will come soon.


I get an uplift reading your blog. I also just saw your comments in Coulee Women Today. You go, Sue!

Thank goodness the insurance piece is falling into place.

Here’s hoping that the radiation does what it needs to, and that before Winter ends, you will be increasingly back to normal routines.

Very best wishes,


Thank you everyone.

Hooray! Maybe there is some common sense out there somewhere!

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