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Flo, Resolutions & Me

Posted on: January 3, 2010

"It's resolution season," Flo proclaims.

You know what time of year it is when Flo, the Progressive Insurance Girl (played by actress Stephanie Courtney), tells us with more enthusiasm than God intended that “Its resolution season!”

“My resolution,” a customer responded, “ is to save money.”

“You’re in the right place,” Flo said.

Flo is that way-over-the-top clerk in the supermarket of insurance that the commercial sets up. Advertising Age in December 2008 described her as the “weirdly sincere, post-modern Josephine the Plumber who just really wants to help. She has: The brand is flourishing.”

Flo also has a fan base on Facebook approaching 250,000, to whom she offers these best wishes:  Flo the Progressive Girl hopes everyone has a very merry and safe Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a kickin Kwanzaa, a rockin Ramadan, happy Winter Solstice, Festivus for the rest of us, and if you’re a Wookie, a joyous Life Day. Oh, and by the way, Santa listened. YAY FOR CASHMERE SOCKS!!!!”


I don’t know about the cashmere socks, but I do approve of her sentiment.

With the holidays over and a New Year about to begin, she noted, “The New Year is upon us. Have fun and stay safe.” That’s also good advice from Flo, although why in the world am I looking for sentiment from an imaginary character whose goal is to sell us insurance.

On television, Flo’s energy is now on “resolution season.” I would certainly not want to discourage anyone from saving money, but it seems that every insurance company is offering us savings of up to several hundreds of dollars a year. Could I just get that in cash?

When I started this blog post, I had no idea that Flo would play such an important role in this. But she – like Sarah Palin – are women I cannot turn away from when I see them. It makes no sense – and no way would I read Palin’s book and would never vote for her under any circumstances – but I look anyway..

As a young girl, I asked my dad what New Year’s Resolutions were. He told me the week between the holidays is a time to consider how we would like our lives to be better in the next year.

I’m sure I made up some resolution(s) for that New Year and other years that undoubtedly I accomplished (not). I have no idea what they were then,  but I was probably quite earnest in those days in setting them.

During the first couple days of the year, columnists write about resolutions that they’ve either made for the coming year or ignored in the last. I especially like a column in the La Crosse Tribune in which Curt Trinka noted it is rare that anyone resolves to eat my doughnuts.

It’s a shame, although as not the biggest doughnut eater on the planet, I probably would never set that resolution. I’m more likely to set eating more cookies or Dairy Queen Blizzards – Candy Cane Chill in particular during its big month in December. Now that chemotherapy is over and my taste buds will be returning soon, I have lost my excuse to eat any Blizzard, although three remain in the freezer.

You’d probably expect me to have a whole bunch of clean living and healthy resolutions, but I’m not. Although I’m a day or two or three late, I’d like to list my New Year’s Resolutions for 2010:






(The actual resolution is to make no resolutions, but you can leave comments if you’d like about resolutions you think I should make.)

Happy (belated) New Year everyone.


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