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Posted on: December 21, 2009

My hero: the Candy Cane Chiller

I am so close to being done with chemotherapy that I can taste it. Or, so I wish.

In one of those oddities of Chemo World – temporary inconveniences I keep telling myself – is the departure of my taste buds.

For about a week or so after each treatment, nothing tastes like anything or everything tastes like nothing. I accuse my husband of either buying salt free everything – and you know how good that tastes – or somehow removing the flavor of everything in the house.

Yesterday, for example, I decided to have a little protein on my way to the mall to walk a bit. I opened a little package of peanuts and discovered they had absolutely no salt; no flavor. I’ve had other packages from the same box that have tasted like peanuts.

Same thing with chips that a day or two earlier. How in the world did he get the flavor out of an already opened package? And he even picked up a burrito to which I added salsa. Nope. No spice; no taste.

I joke about it but it is discouraging to have no flavor in food plus, frankly, a crummy taste in my mouth most of the time.

It’s not that I really need to eat chips, burritos or peanuts, but I’m looking for flavor  – clearly in all the wrong places. Thankfully, my blood pressure has been terrific – in fact better than it has been in years. My friend Gayda is convinced it’s because I’m decaffeinated, thanks to Diet Dr Pepper no longer having any flavor for me any more. And, of course, I never liked coffee.

The only food that survives the disruption of my taste buds is the Dairy Queen Blizzard – specifically the Candy Cane Chiller, which is the flavor of the month for December. I have them lined up in the freezer, thanks to a gift card from my friend Julie.

Nutrition never tasted so good.

I know. I know. With cancer I should be eating only fruits, vegetables and healthy stuff. But flavorless stuff is, well, flavorless. It’s hard to eat.

But as I said, it’s all inconveniences. Temporary. And with my last treatment scheduled for December 30, I can practically taste the end of Chemo World.

Or so I wish.


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