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Amy Winehouse revisited & Me

Posted on: December 19, 2009

Amy Winehouse

Not Amy Winehouse (Jen Towner photo)

When I was bubbling over with enthusiasm, my mother would say “You’re so excited you’d think you were in your right mind.”

That’s how I feel with seven chemotherapies down and one to go. That’s a lot easier than one chemo down and seven to go. Assuming no illnesses it will be on December 30. Hip. Hip. Hurray!

For the last week especially I have felt like me and less like someone enduring it all.

I have been feeling so good and working – even on a very challenging project. And I recorded interviews of parents of a local woman. It was great fun.

I love to hear people’s stories, which is why so many from my childhood have crept into my blog. From the beginning, I’ve been working in what I call cultural icons – people from television or movies, sometimes even books. Gasp! Books!

It’s amused me, especially when a friend suggested I write about Hop Sing, the cook on Bonanza. I found a way, doing a bit of research. I included a story about eating left over chicken from our favorite friend chicken place in St. Louis while we watched the show.I worked in Kermit the Frog, Shirley Temple and Tony Soprano.

All and all, this blog as been fun and creative time for me. I haven’t always been cheerful through this, but I found a way to laugh and to write about pain with humor.

I don’t seem to have the fuzziness of what is called chemo brain. It may be because I’ve had this blog to work my brain, Facebook Scrabble, reading, writing and the ability to laugh about stuff.

And here’s something that I find incredibly funny. WordPress, which holds my blog, gives me statistics about the number of people (anonymously unless a comment is left) who read the blog on any given day, the number for the week and month. It lists which posts had the highest number of views.

It also shows how they got there – from Facebook a search specifically for my blob or a search for someone or thing featured in my blog.

So what post has consistently had the most views?  Amy Winehouse & Me, an entry from September.  I did it because of her song about not wanting to go to rehab no, no, no). I related (with much less trouble in my life than news reports about her) to not wanting to go to chemo (no, no, no).

But I did and here I am one treatment away from being done with that part of my breast cancer dragging (I don’t like the word journey so much so I call it a dragging. 🙂

By the way, some of those searching  for Amy Winehouse must have been shocked to find themselves at a breast cancer blog. They may have gotten there because some of her songs having the word, “Me” in them: F- Me Pumps, Do me Good, Me and Mrs. Jones.

Perhaps she has Google herself and found the blog . No lawyers have called.

I just checked out the lyrics to F- Me Pumps, which describes the frustration of trying to develop a relationship from men met in bars. Here are a couple stanzas.

Amy Winehouse – F- Me Pumps

When you walk in the bar,

And you dressed like a star,

Rockin your F me pumps.

And the men notice you,

With your Gucci bag crew,

Can‘t tell who he’s lookin to.

He could be your whole life,

If you got past one night,

But that part never goes right.

You can t sit down right,

Cuz you jeans are too tight,

And your lucky its ladies night.

(and for my favorite stanza)

With your big empty purse,

Every week it gets worse,

At least your breasts cost more than hers.

If I were a betting woman, I would wager my breasts (or lack of) cost more than hers. 🙂

Hey, I’m open to more ideas more cultural icons for me to throw into my blog. It’s a challenge to find a way to work them in,but fun.


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