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This little piggy & Me

Posted on: December 16, 2009

Little Piggy, happy again.

Take off a sock – or at least a sock of the nearest baby – and recite this nursery rhyme: This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had none.

And this little piggy went wee! wee! wee! all the way to urgent care.

Yes my little piggy let me down. It turned me smile to a frown.

It’s also an example of weird stuff associated with my chemotherapy.

And I’ve written about whether it is a character flaw to not have the same energy to walk three miles a day with chemotherapy that I had before. I’ve finally decided it is not a character flaw, that it is part of how my body responds. And it’s cold outside. Very cold.

The real character flaw apparently is scratching that irresistible itch on my toe. I did last Friday and by Saturday I was spraying it with fast actin’ Tinactin with abandon believing I had the dreaded Athlete’s Toe. Again.

By Sunday, it was inflamed, red and painful. I thought it might be infected, but that river in Egypt arose – De-Nile. Besides, I wanted to watch the Packers game with my good friends, Sue and Bob.

And with that river, I could easily decide it was getting better. After all, it was only Athlete’s Toe, wasn’t it? Besides, I have called so many times with the weird stuff that my body has had during chemotherapy, that I was beginning to consider myself a whiner at best and hypochondriac at worst. (I may still be both.)

So while I thought my toe was getting better on Sunday, when I looked at it at home after the Packers won (YAY!), I realized I had a bright red, inflamed, swollen ugly toe that was probably infected.

So this little piggy went to urgent care (along with the rest of me). What finally convinced me to take action and not wait until Monday was fear that my seventh chemotherapy might be delayed by an infection.

And did I mention that I wanted chemotherapy done in 2009?

So I went to urgent care, where it turns out I knew the triage nurse and the nurse practitioner who evaluated my toe and proclaimed it infected. She tried to pop what she thought was filled with pus but turned out to be more blister like.

Not only did I get antibiotics – anti Bs – in my jargon, I’ve been soaking my foot multiple times a day.

The next day, I called the cancer center and spoke with a nurse to pass on the information in case my oncologist wanted to see it or change anything. No change was required.

I also went to acupuncture Tuesday after checking to see if it was OK and Sister Eileen, the acupuncturist, said it might even help.

Hearing that, it was suggested a well-placed needle might help me organize my office. Apparently it would take more needles than that.

At any rate the blister is gone, my toe is less red and the swelling is gone. So I’m – or at least my toe – is going in the right direction. Hopefully, that means I’ll be able to have my treatment on Friday and then the eighth on the 30th.

That’s why this little piggy is happier than just a few days ago.

P.S. I did not take a picture of my toe, but I did see a photo on line of someone’s inflamed piggy – the same one as mine. I wisely chose not to share it. You may thank me.


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