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Don’t tell my daughter & Me

Posted on: December 10, 2009

Ever since I had that little incident in which I had to be rescued by neighbor kids when I couldn’t get all the way home from a walk, my daughter has been insistent that I not go by myself. Instead, I’ve had what my husband calls “walk monitors.”

Maggie was quite upset with me when I told her about lying on the grass a half block from home and then having these wonderful high school students get me into the house. She was silent and then she chewed me out. “I told you not to walk by yourself,” she said.

And there was the time she and her husband came for a visit and I suggested we walk to an ice cream shop after dinner. Since I had already walked earlier in the day, I was pretty exhausted afterwards. She was irked that I had not told her about the earlier walk.

Geez, you’d think she was the mother.

Others have been equally insistent that I followed that not walk by myself rule. I did until today. I woke up this morning and decided to take a lap or two at the mall. I ate a little something on the way so I wouldn’t have an empty stomach and drank water. I told myself that i would not take the full  five laps – equal to about three miles. I would have self control.

I thought a couple friends might be there, but if not, I had my iPod to keep me company. I was smart enough not to have the device on the iPod that indicated how far and how fast I was walking. I decided that it only pressures me to be dumber than I normally am. In other words, I’m so competitive that I push myself too much when I see the speed/distance readings on what is called the Nike Plus.

My walk was uneventful. I took two laps – a little over a mile – and then grabbed something to eat at McDonald’s before doing a little grocery shopping.

After the big snowstorm – 17 inches in La Crosse – there is no way I’ll be out on the streets any time soon. It’s better to get a little exercise in the mall than to sit on my keyster or lie on the couch forever more.

But I will need to keep this from my daughter, who may not see the reasoning of my ways. She may consider it the error of my ways.

But, hey, I’m a grown up. I don’t have to answer to anyone for my decisions.

Assuming no one tells my daughter.


5 Responses to "Don’t tell my daughter & Me"

Your daughter sounds like a nightmare. I promise not to tell her.

Actually, she’s not that bad – just so you don’t walk alone.

She must love you…

So she claims.

I too love you my buddy Sue! Lets do lunch on Wednesday if it fits your schedule okay?

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