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Empty Nest & Me

Posted on: November 30, 2009

Those damn, wonderful kids came and went this Thanksgiving. They did exactly what they are supposed to do. They grew up and came home to visit Mom and Dad on Thanksgiving.

It was a little more poignant and important this year because of my cancer and I couched even more than usual, but it was all about food, family and fun. I’m not sure of the order.

It was a definite an over the river and through woods thing (but not to grandma’s house; I don’t have grandchildren. Is that another hint? Of course not. I’m not that tacky. Yeah, right).

Michael was dropped off Tuesday night by his girl friend, Jenny.  Then she went on to her parents near Milwaukee. Maggie and her husband Mike came on Wednesday.

Mostly we cooked (okay, the kids cooked just about everything) and we ate (that we all did).  We laughed, talked and drew names for the holidays.

Jenny returned Saturday (with wonderful, fancy apples in tow) just in time for another big meal. We had more laughter, talking and stuffing.

On Sunday, they all left – Maggie and Mike back to KC and Michael and Jenny back to Minneapolis.  They went back to their lives, just like they are supposed to do.

But they’ll be back for the next round of holidays in late December, including visiting dear old Mom and Dad.

Yes, they are doing what they are supposed to do. Those damn, wonderful (adult) kids.


2 Responses to "Empty Nest & Me"

Thanks for the fabulous holiday festivities! It was a great trip!

The grandchildren will come and you will be a great grandma!

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