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Thanksgiving, family & Me

Posted on: November 26, 2009

The last two years, we’ve been in Kansas City – Overland Park, KS – to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The reason it was so important that we be with Maggie’s then future in-laws became apparent during the first toast. And toasts are important in this family.

“This is our favorite holiday,” said her future father in law, who came to this country from Russia. “We are so grateful to be in this country.”

Now her father in law, he then went on with the hope that we would celebrate with them ever year. It is a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with food, family and love.

We planned to do so every year until this year happened. Although I probably would have been exhausted by the trip – as I’m pretty exhausted by most things these days – it was Dick having to work on Friday that made it impossible.

Instead Maggie and Mike and Michael came here for Thanksgiving and we will soon be cooking up a storm. You’re all welcome to join us for dinner – if you’re healthy.

In a moment before the stuffing begins – or shall we say dressing for food safety reasons – I want to express my gratitude.

I can’t possibly thank all the people who have provided support since my cancer diagnosis, from my family to friends to acquaintances to strangers: phone calls, meals, letters, prayers, cards, pink things (but I’m full, thanks), cleaning my house before my brother came, my medical/nursing team at Franciscan Skemp, my walk monitors who make sure I don’t walk to far or too fast, my cats who sit on a pillow on my chest as I lie on the couch, my ability to find humor on most days, and people who actually read this blog.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

At Passover, it is a tradition to say, “Next year may we celebrate Passover in Jerusalem.”

Our new tradition is to say, “Next year may we celebrate Thanksgiving in Overland Park.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good, thankful day.


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