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My Bro & Me

Posted on: November 4, 2009

Young us

I updated this photo a few years back. I am a sick woman.

I have had bro therapy.

My big bro – my only sibling – came to see me for five days and we did not stop talking or laughing the entire time.

We took several walks, watched football games (something he never imagined he would ever do with his sister) and over ate. A lot.

I even called him the night before he was to fly here from Portland, OR, to see if there were foods that he wanted that Lynne wouldn’t want him eat at home. He roared. Lynne’s response was, “You’re on vacation. Eat what you like.”

Visiting his sister with breast cancer is vacation? It was potentially almost as much fun as coming twice a year to see our mom during her last years when she struggled so living here in La Crosse. Those were not easy visits.

Andy, you need a vacation from your vacations.

I have loved living in La Crosse since coming here in 1974, never expecting to spend my life here. This is an amazing city for its size, but I always missed “someone knowing me from before.” That before, of course, is me as a little kid.

No one knows you like a sibling – knows the young, dumb and goofy you (as opposed to the old, dumb and goofy you).

Andy can make me laugh with just a few words or even a look. We have these shared memories of parents who over loved us, no doubt about it.

At one point Andy said, “When did we become such good friends?”

I don’t know, but as the younger sibling, I was the clearly pain in the ass. He was the one with adventure in his soul – oh the stories I could tell.

I was the goody-goody (but with a sense of humor) who Andy once called “a-stay-home Charlie.” I’m not sure what that meant, but I do still love to hang around home.

Those of you who have siblings around all the time may take this family thing for granted. You may think your brothers or sisters are pains in the tush as much as you love them. But when you don’t have family around, and just see each other on rare occasions, you don’t have time to reach the pain-in-the-tush stage.

But one more day, Andy …

I didn’t want him to leave, just like I don’t want my kids to leave when they come home. But the good news is as we hugged good-bye, Andy said, “I’ll be back in the spring.”

I’ll stock up on your vacation foods.

Love you, Andy.


4 Responses to "My Bro & Me"

Your Andy is my Ben. Ben can make me laugh like no other. So glad you two got to play. 🙂

So glad you had fun! Siblings are great!

I didn’t want to overeat, but wanted to be polite.

This one made me cry, Sis.

Love you!

And you are nothing if not polite.

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