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Waiting for the other shoe(s) to step & Me

Posted on: October 25, 2009

THe Pinky Pie team decked out in pink hats and scarves

THe Pinky Pie team decked out in pink hats and scarves

In cancer treatment, you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop. You go to your treatments always worried about something crashing your already shaky emotional equilibrium.

Shoes may have gotten a bad rap, as Maggie, her husband and friends demonstrated Saturday. These same folks who surprised Maggie with wonderful hats and scarves for me also participated in the first annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Kansas City. They did so in honor of “Pinky Pie and her family.”

Lots of other shoes stepped rather than dropped on me Saturday in my name. I’m very grateful and honored as I don’t now many of these women.

I’ve walked in such events before and after my diagnosis and they are wonderfully inspiring and fun – especially on a beautiful fall day.

Their Pinky Pie webpage for Making Strikes Against Breast cancer included:

Why are we walking?

Hope, Faith, Love… support all those affected by cancer/breast cancer…..

namely, Sue Hessel and family

check out

Yes, they even made a pitch for my blog.

And they also, exceeded their fund raising goals.

Thanks to all you high stepping women and MIke. My goal is to walk with you  next year.Waiting for the other shoe(s) to step & Me

The Pinky Pie team ...

The Pinky Pie team ...

Mike, who is missing a bit of pink but is still a champion, and Maggie

Mike, who is missing a bit of pink but is still a champion, and Maggie. Actually, he was wearing his pink shirt under his fleece.


4 Responses to "Waiting for the other shoe(s) to step & Me"

Keep walking folks! It is good for everyone! Especially Pinkie Pie!

hey Pinky! I love your balditude! You just need earrings-to-die-for when you’re not in the mood to wear an ice-cream cone on your noggin…

I can relate to that hit-by-a-truck feeling…for me, it’s related to not sleeping well…ever…my doc keeps telling me I need to go to a sleep disorder doc…anyway, just mentioning this in case it’s POSSIBLE that having cancer and going through what you’re going through could, like, uh, be causing you to lose sleep? You know, doctors are so specialized, so focused on their big battles aka CANCER, that sometimes they forget to make sure the basic plumbing is still working ok…

well, I’m no doctor, I just play one in my everyday life because no one else is thinking about me systemically…say, have you written about that icon of icons, Dr. Marcus Welby?


Dr. Welby is great idea.

My doctors are definitely working on the comforts and a strategy for my waking up in the middle of the night. And they ask about the other plumbing issues which are very real.

Ah, the ins and outs of life – very much stuff considered in my treatment. I am on day three post-chemo-put-poison-in-your-body-and-hope-it-kills-more-of-them-than-you-therapy.” And I feel really good. However, the last two times I was hit on the fourth day as my worst. But who knows maybe the truck in on furlough.

Get thee to a sleep therapist. It may help with your chronic pain.

Thanks for writing and your encouragement. Unfortunately, I don’t have pierced ears any longer. And this is not a time to put them in.

hmmm…I bet there’s a reason your fourth day is your worst…wonder what you’d turn up if you searched “4th day after chemo is the worst”…also, that link I sent you, where patients add to a database of knowledge???…bet you would find at least some overlaps there…you’re a science-head investigative type, right? I srsly bet there’s some diggin’ to be done there…

before you scamper off and do your Marcus Welby thang, I just want to put an idea in your pinky-pie wabbit ears, and muse that I seriously doubt Make-Us Well-by-god would have achieved iconISH status if we (babyboomerz) hadn’t already had our bwains stamped with Fadder Knows Bust all over that stethoscope…er sumpin…what was his name? duz anybody remember that actor’s name? James Anderson? no, nobody knows his name because he’s Fadder Knows Bust with a Make-Us-Well-by-god cherry on top! He’s a friggin Patriarchal Parfait (this sentence works best if you hear a Disney-esque duck like Donald or Daffy shplurtin on the P’s)…

p.s. hope you enjoyink my lust for da manglink of da langvich…

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