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The Godfather of Soul & Me

Posted on: October 4, 2009

James Brown, The Godfather of Soul

James Brown, The Godfather of Soul

Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now

I feel good, I knew that I would, now

So good, so good, I got you

Pop quiz: multiple choice:

What should I say/write?

  1. I feel good.
  2. I feel well.
  3. Stop over analyzing everything.
  4. What an elitist question.
  5. Don’t you have something better to write?
  6. They’ll take care of that with your next chemo session on Thursday.
  7. All of the above.

My thanks to James Brown, of course, and perhaps time that has lapsed  from my chemotherapy, but Saturday was the first day that I really felt like me. I felt terrific.  But did I feel good or feel well?

I grew up with the idea that feel good referred to health while feel well referred to the quality with which one touches things. In other words, good is an adjective describing my state of wellbeing and feel well is an adverb describing my action. Both are pretty much used interchangeably today.

Regardless, I’m not a touchy feelly type. Oh, I have great love and appreciation in my soul for family and friends, but I don’t always want to reach out and touch well or good with everyone. 🙂

I do have a desire to be grammatically or, shall I say, wellingly or goodenly correct. So I began searching for the good/well answer. There are competing references, but I like this response on after someone posted a similar question:

An old notion that it is wrong to say “I feel good” in reference to health still occasionally appears in print. The origins of this notion are obscure, but they seem to combine someone’s idea that good should be reserved to describe virtue and uncertainty about whether an adverb or an adjective should follow feel. Today nearly everyone agrees that both good and well can be predicate adjectives after feel. Both are used to express good health, but good may connote good spirits in addition to good health.

Another wrote:

adjective: feel good <health> I feel good.

adjective: feel well <health> Do you feel well?

adverb: feel well <do something well, as in touch something well> Odd, but, the sensors on the automated fingers are working now. They can feel the difference in the materials well.

I’m gonna go with James Brown, the Godfather of Soul.  He oughta know.

and I feel nice, like sugar and spice

I feel nice, like sugar and spice

So nice, so nice, I got you

Whoa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now

I feel good, I knew that I would

So good, so good, I got you

So good, so good, I got you

So good, so good, I got you



1 Response to "The Godfather of Soul & Me"

I feel good now! Knew that I would now!! HUH! HUH! So GOOD, So GOOD…

fuck grammar, Pinky Pie…when you have cancer and you feel GOOD you gotta sing it and swing it…I feel well cracks me up even though it is more correct…because…you know what???…you know where “I feel well” comes from? The left brain. You know where I FEEL GOOD comes from??? Your whole goddam body…



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