Pinky Pie

Pink Solidarity & Me

Posted on: September 30, 2009

Pink Solidarity

Pink Solidarity

In the midst of teaching my life writing class Tuesday night, I checked my Blackberry, as I do way too often.  On it was this email message from my friend, Jill, from Kansas:

Hey Sue-

I just wanted to tell you that I’ve taken the concept of embracing pink to a whole new level. I am actually sporting one pink eye today. Some may say that getting pink eye is taking it a little too far, but I will do everything I can to show my support! 🙂

How cool is that. Of course, I had a smart aleck response, which I’ll include at the end of this post. I truly believe in a solid, funny ending, although I suppose not everyone finds me amusing. (There’s no accounting for taste.)

I was thinking about writing about the pink solidarity that I have been receiving when I was scooping cat litter Tuesday (wearing gloves; and I’ll check with my doctor if I should be doing this at all).

No, the cats have not begun issuing pink poop; something I don’t want anyone to do, human nor beast.

But my daughter Maggie and I had been to T.J. Maxx on Saturday on our latest pink hunt. Pink clothing and other items jump out at us, especially Maggie who feels she can support me via her wardrobe when she is not in town.

This hunt reminds me of when I would buy my son, Matt, a Star Wars guy for every IV and bone marrow biopsy. I was driven in the early 1980s to find every single Star Wars action figure, and then meant going from store to store. But that was my therapy. Did I mention driven?

Had all those Star Wars figures still been in their packages, I’d have all the money I needed to pay for cancer treatment. But they were for Matt to play with.

Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I’ve been telling the story of my mom calling me her Little Pinky Pie – hence the name of the blog is Pinky Pie. I never liked pink as a kid after I was over pinked, but I’ve been embracing my pink side with a whole lot of help from friends and family.

I am Big Pinky Pie, as a result of the diagnosis. Today I remembered that we had referred to Maggie at one point as Pinky Pie Junior (no relation to breast cancer). I also remembered that I had said when she was born that no daughter of mine would be dressed in pink. I was against such stereotypes until I started dressing her in a lot of pink. She looked really cute.

Anyway, I have received in the mail and in person so many pink things that have truly made me laugh. I gathered them together today for a photo and while they are all photogenic, I know I left some out. But I’m grateful for all the pink support in it’s many forms, including the pink fluoride rinse bottle for kids.

Back to the cat litter: one item that Maggie and I didn’t buy on Saturday was a small pink broom for each of us. While not expensive, we just decided that was a tad over the top. However, as I was scooping cat litter I thought just handy that broom might have been…

Now back to Jill and her pink eye. It was a nice effort to show support, but really, Jill, only one pink eye?

And you call that Pink Pride? 🙂


6 Responses to "Pink Solidarity & Me"

She is amazing! And so are you!

One more thing… I love wearing pink in honor of you. In a situation that I have absolutely no control over, it feels amazing to have the ability to control something. I must say that every time I see something pink I have an impulse to buy it. Most of the time I do.
I can’t help it. My pink wardrobe is quite extensive now. In fact, I’m wearing a pink scarf as I type this.
I makes me feel better and I hope it makes you feel better too.

I’m all about the pink army, Sue, but no offense — I hope this is one level of support I don’t inherit from Jill!

Mike bought a pink shirt to wear. 🙂
It takes a real man to wear pink.

Maggie, it does feel good that you’ve gone pink mad in honor of me, but I feel a little like Gene Wilder in the movie, “Young Frankenstein.” He spends the whole movie trying to convince people how to pronounce his name, that he is not a madman like his great grandfather who created the Frankenstein monster. Then he creates a new monster and as a mad scientist in the lab, he announces as lightning strikes, “I AM FRANKENSTEIN!” He pronounces it in the classic horror movie way.

What does this have to do with me? I feel like I had been fighting Pinky Pie all my life – at least since I’ve been an adult and now I announce, “I AM PINKY PIE!”

Hey, another cultural icon on my belt.

Maggie is right – you are amazing & I am so on the pink bandwagon – I found a pink bra in my dresser how’s that!
Lunch was so fun today & any WEdnesday you feel up to it – Diane & I are there!

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