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Goals for the day & Me

Posted on: September 29, 2009

Some years back, I picked up a mug that purported to list my New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year. I can’t remember everything on it, but a couple have stuck with me:

  1. Floss my teeth.
  2. Create World Peace.

I just looked in the cabinet and, sadly, we don’t still have that mug. It would have been so inspirational, too.

I am still working on that flossing thing, although I find the closer I get to my dentist appointment, the better I become at flossing.

And, well, you see how effective I’ve been oh these many years at creating world peace. Sorry about that.

But I have set some goals for myself this week that are somewhere between the teeth and peace. They are designed to keep me going through chemotherapy in the best possible shape physically and mentally.

My goals are:

  1. Get outside and walk. Move my body. I need the fresh air and nothing is better than a crisp fall day to make a person feel better and not feel sorry for herself. If I have to, I can walk inside the mall.
  2. No couching until after evening. (I turned lying on the couch into a noun and art form long ago. I used to say I was gestating – pregnant with my kids – or lactating – nursing my babies, not just on the couch.  I didn’t call it vegetating after they were weaned, but instead “couching.” Vegetating may have been closer to the truth.)
  3. Listen to my body. If I am really tired, take a brief nap, but don’t spend the day on the couch.
  4. No television during the day, but music and radio are acceptable.
  5. Write as much as possible.
  6. Find humor in life.
  7. Do something kind for someone else each day.
  8. Connect with people.
  9. Push aside negativity wherever I find it (including in myself).

10.  Floss my teeth.

11.  Create World Peace.

12.  Don’t give up.


2 Responses to "Goals for the day & Me"

And I have another goal for you to consider. It could be, “Be kind to myself”.

I love your goals, but it is also a time to be caring of yourself and if you need to take a longer nap and couch for a day…it’s OK.

I love the goal on connecting with people, let’s!

For the record, I took a nap this morning. I am physically unable to sleep more than 30 minutes in a nap, but it’s enough to make me feel better.

I may be stupid, but I am not dumb. Or, I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid. Whatever. I take a nap when I need it.

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