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The Verizon, er VerSusan, Network & Me

Posted on: September 28, 2009

The VerSusan Network

I woke up Saturday morning thinking about all the people standing behind me, just like in those commercials for the Verizon Network. I don’t happen to have Verizon, a reason that I could think of myself like the hapless fools in the commercials.

But I’m not hapless. What I have is the verSusan network, which may not do a thing for my cell phone reception in the house, but sure supports me as I battle cancer.

the versusan networkBeing the crazy person that I am I spent just about an entire day, not to mention parts of a couple other days fiddling with this image for the verSusan network.

It’s an important tradition for Yom Kippur – the Jewish Day of Atonement – that we apologize to the people in our lives for anything that we might have done in the last year to hurt you, whether intentional or not.

I’d like to apologize right from the beginning about missing anyone in this compilation photo. It’s not my attention to leave anyone out. But look at it this way: I may have had you in before my Photoshop crashed but didn’t get you back in when I recreated this photo.

Or, if you are not in this photo, it may because of chemo brain, not because I intentionally left you out.  I don’t know how quickly chemo brain sets in, but a little fogginess goes with chemotherapy and I’ve had my first session. So if it keeps anyone from being offended because you can’t find yourself in the photo, then it works for me.

But I’m sorry, anyway, if I missed you. You are important to me.

And forgive me, too, if you have gone cross-eyed trying to find yourself in this photo. With all of you in my network, the images did get very small.

But the point is that no one gets through cancer or anything tough in life without support. It really, really means a lot.

You guys give me strength.

P.S. If I have done anything to offend anyone in the past year, I also apologize for that. I do believe in kindness and caring.


5 Responses to "The Verizon, er VerSusan, Network & Me"

I found me. Nice photo, too!

I like the Verizon guy in the middle! L’shanah tova to you too! May it be a healthy year…………

Your spirit & creativity continues to amaze me!

I love it! But hey, why is the Verizon guy in there twice??? Oh wait — one of them is my husband! (In all truth, he is much much more handsome than the Verizon guy).

L’Shana Tova — may this year be one with health and happiness!

lunch was fun today and again, we are here for ya honey! Just a call and we will serve, love ya! Diane

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