Pinky Pie

Dyeinu (it would have been enough)

Posted on: September 16, 2009


Feel free to sing along with me.

Each Passover – and I know I’m in the wrong season here – we Jews have this wonderful traditional meal called a seder in which we celebrate our release from slavery in Egypt. Every part of the meal, held on the first two nights,  is connected to the story. The seders are held in homes with each family adding traditions to the retelling of the Passover story.

After we have eaten and overeaten, we sing songs, including one called Dyeinu, which means “it would have been enough.” Each of the 15 stanzas thanks God for gifts given to us, including five representing leaving slavery, five miracles and five related to being with God. Between stanzas we sing this upbeat and spirited “Dye, dyeinu, dye dyeinu, dyeinu dye-enu.”

It’s really a lot of fun, and it is meant to show gratitude.  I am grateful for so much in my life – my family, my friends the joy of the work that I do. I’m even grateful for walking each day because it makes me so alive and for the wonderful caregivers at Franciscan Skemp.

But I do have a couple dyeinus for things that are NOT gifts. Of course, I’m not thanking God for the breast cancer, or my son’s leukemia years ago or my husband’s many heart challenges (he’s doing fine now, thank you very much). Yes, dyeinus to all that already.

But what I’m really saying dyeinu about today is my itchy toe. I mean really itchy toe. I started worrying that it was a terrible fungal infection and once I had chemotherapy it would doom me because my immune system would be suppressed.  When you have cancer, your imagination grows as does your ability to worry.

So I saw someone yesterday (and I must confess I walked to the appointment even with my itchy toe and feet).

Drum roll: It’s athlete’s foot. And naturally the joke comes, “But you’re not even an athlete.” Those three miles plus a day count for nothing?

Some spray stuff should take care of of my itchy toes. But boy do I hate this itch.

So dyeinu, already. It’s enough. No more weird body stuff, please. And it’s not just for me. I’m thinking about anyone who might read this blog. Who in the world is interested in Pinky Pie’s toes? I’m not and they’re mine.

Of course the best thing to do might be to start a new blog about my athlete’s foot journey (it would be by foot, of course). Or still another for those with dual diagnoses of breast cancer AND Athlete’s foot. There’s just so much to write.


1 Response to "Dyeinu (it would have been enough)"

Yes, dayenu! My wife’s cancer has returned after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2006. Yuck!

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