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Posted on: September 7, 2009

Any similarity between Blanche Dubois and me is greatly exaggerated.

Any similarity between Blanche Dubois and me is greatly exaggerated.

I am no Blanche DuBois, the fading relic but still attractive belle of the old South in the Tennessee Williams’ play, A Streetcar Named Desire.

For one thing this particular play takes place in New Orleans and I have a liking for Williams’ plays based in St. Louis, where I grew up. In one of those plays in St. Louis, Williams even mentions the high school that my parents attended – Soldan – and I believe the department store where my mother once worked – Famous Barr. (Actually I worked at a suburban Famous Barr in high school, but I digress once again.)

I mention Blanche because her most famous line was, “I have always relied on the kindness of strangers.” Sad Blanche, who has some mental health issues to say the least, suffers mightily in A Streetcar Named Desire at the hands of her brother in law, Stanley Kowalski (played by Marlon Brando in the movie).

Blanche really has nothing to do with me except that line about kindnesses is running through my head as I consider what I have experienced in terms of my breast cancer journey (more like a dragging).

There are really good people in this world – strangers (and family and friends) doing kindnesses – and they need to be acknowledged. No, I will not be like the Academy Award winner who tries to name them all while others try to yank him or her off stage. There are way too many to name.

People, including some I did not know before, have called, written, posted messages, brought meals, worn pink, and sent pink things and flowers to Pinky Pie (see the About Pinky Pie to understand why I am Pinky). People of all faiths are sending their thoughts and prayers.

The medical staff at Franciscan Skemp has been superb and kind. At the Cancer Center they are so upbeat that I wonder what drugs they are on. I want some of those :-). And friends at Gundersen Lutheran also have been supportive.

When I had a meltdown over the state of my television (see a previous blog entry from a few days ago), Dan Wettstein from Wettstein’s asked a sales person, Chad, to help me out. In that case, I know the television was a trigger for my emotions, not the real culprit, but Chad has made several trips to my home and has been encouraging.

All these kindnesses help to keep a person going.

So here’s my message: when things are tough in life, Blanche and I hope you remember and appreciate the kindnesses of strangers, family and friends in your life.


1 Response to "Blanche & Me"

so true. Really the kindness of the kindest strangers…Right. What an incredible journey. Love you P

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