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I got a D in spelling but not in Aaron’s jersey

Posted on: September 5, 2009

At Old Bonhomme Elementary School, my mom was a weekly parent volunteer in the library. Once or twice she even donned a hairnet and helped out in the cafeteria if they were shorthanded. I don’t remember being mortified so I must have either been very young or was not yet in school.

When I was in the fourth grade and had Mrs. Portnoy as a teacher – go ahead and laugh – she would track down my mother every week to tell her that I was having problems in spelling. “Mrs. Hessel. Mrs. Hessel,” she would say. “Susan is going to get a D in spelling.”

Mom was always puzzled as I always seemed to know the spelling words at home. It reached the point where she told Mrs. Portnoy they would work with me at home but she should lay off me and stop coming to tell her about this problem.

I remembered this story today as I was on a mission this week with my friend, the other Sue, or one of the other Sues, to find an Aaron Rodgers Packers jersey in pink. I had seen a girl’s version in pink at Kmart but no adult women’s sizes. I was driven as I’m known to get at times.

Sue and I went everywhere and simply could not find one, although there were plenty of Brett Favre Vikings jerseys. Now I am a transplant to Wisconsin and to football and I liked Brett Favre until in my opinion he became the quarterback who cried wolf – retirement – once too many or maybe two or three times too many.

Some blame the Packers management for not letting him stay a year ago and play for the Packers after he decided to get unretired. But I felt it was unfair to the new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers,  that he had to sit on the bench so long waiting to replace Favre, the on again off again Packers quarterback.

Farve is great, did wonderful things in Green Bay and has a right to play somewhere. And truly he is still having fun with the game. But for the Vikings? Really, that seems a tad grudgelike to me.

Anyway, I wanted to support the new guy – but apparently not enough. I didn’t want to spend $60 bucks plus shipping for an official pink Rogers jersey so I found one on Ebay for $32 plus shipping. It arrived yesterday.

To my chagrin, Rodgers is spelled without a D on the shirt. At first that made me want to send it back, but then I remembered my D in spelling and thought that’s perfect.

Sorry, Packers and Aaron Rogers that I’m so cheap, but this makes a great story. I got my D somewhere else, thank you very much.

This, of course, has nothing to do with having breast cancer other than the pink part of the jersey. But it shows that I’m perking up a bit after a couple down days.

The other related message is when I’m feeling low, I should get my tush off the couch. Which, I did.

And for those of you who find spelling errors in this post, you and Mrs. Portnoy can just keep them to yourselves.


3 Responses to "I got a D in spelling but not in Aaron’s jersey"

ok…but…WHY were you fucking up in spelling?

Yo get right to the essentials, don’t you?

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