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I didn’t want to do anything rash, but …

Posted on: September 1, 2009

mickey mouse clubI have a rash around the trunk of my body. Geez, for someone who was not much interested in body functions, I may be sharing far more than you wanted to know. It’s about me and I don’t even want to know this.

The rash started around the tape that held my drains in place and is now around my abdomen and back, or as they say, trunk. I mean, really, do I really need to write this?  This blog is a chronicle so I guess I’m including the good, the bad, the funny and the itchy. But there might be folks out there who have breast cancer or some other medical condition who have experienced a rash and it’s OK to talk about it.

Yes, I itch, and it is not any fun trying not to scratch. I’m was taking Benadryl, using hydrocortisone cream and for a bonus using compresses of something called Domeboro Astringent Solution. I never knew that stuff existed. But now I’m on Prednisone after going into Urgent Care. I’m already feeling better, not scratching like crazy.

All I know about Prednisone, a steroid bordering on a miracle – but only if used as instructed and not for sports – is that when our son took it, he would be the kid who ate Cleveland. So I am officially alerting the Ohio State Patrol that I am get a little hungry during the five days or so that I take it. And I am not going to do any weight lifting afterwards.

The rash is an example of “Anything Can Happen Day,” which was on the old Mickey Mouse Club. Mouseketeer Jimmy would come out and sing, “Today is the day that is filled with surprises. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen. Oh you might see a dragon in the bathroom cleaning up or a flying saucer looking for its cup. Yes we Mousketeers think you in for some thrills and it’s true a laugh can cure your ills.”

If that song doesn’t fit cancer, I don’t know what does. You can watch the entire segment on Youtube:

When I started this entry Monday, it was either write about my rash or write about my PET scan Monday, which was done in a mobile unit. I’ll get the results Wednesday.  All I would say about the PET Scan is that there were no kitties or puppies were harmed in  the scanning process; nor did I see anything.  (I think the PET scan folks hear such comments regularly.)

Also, since this was a mobile unit, I kept singing a modified version of the first few lines of Roger Miller’s “King of the Road” song: “Scanning for sale or rent …”

P.S. I hope they’ve run out of scans now. I want to get on with the treatment and kill off the big bad cancer.


5 Responses to "I didn’t want to do anything rash, but …"

I stand with Sue and the Mickey Mouse Club — and am delighted to finally learn the words for Jimmy’s “Anything Can happen Day!” Thanks for your entry, Maureen F.

Years ago my mom, Ben, and I played a game where we inserted silly words into songs, books and movie titles. I believe for some reason we used the word “mink”. We came up with titles like “Full Metal Mink”, “Three Men and a Little Minky”, “Gone with the Mink” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Mink”. Your word play with draining and other things has made me think of this. In later years my friends and I played the game with gross slang words so the game lost some of the innocence from those prior days but was always fun. Love your sense of humor especially in the thick of the muck.

Once again, nice work! I envy you your imagination and creativity, but not the itching!

You make me feel like itching
I’m gonna itch the night away
You make me feel like itching
I’m gonna itch the night away
You make feel like itching
I feel like itching itching itch the night away
I feel like itching itching ahhh

wowie zowie, Pinky Pie! You are revealing whole new worlds to me! Mobile PET scan? Who knew? I too have had a PET scan…or was it a CAT scan? I blame my brain tumor for having no memory…my shrink once asked me if I was having memory problems and I said “I don’t know. I can’t remember…” She didn’t laugh! She didn’t laugh! However, I cracked myself up and THAT’S all that counts! NU?

also, those Mouseketeer lyrics are scary as hell…just think of the subliminal pathogens those innocent TV program of yester-yore hath deposited in our brainiac sythemth…

ok, got another CI for you (cultural icon). You’re gonna really love this one. Can you guess??? Huh? Can you? That’s right boys and girls! It’s Romper Room with…um…Miss Lois? I see Susie, and I see Mary and I see Johnny…and I see Pinky Pie!!!!!!!

LOVE 2 U Pinky Pie

p.s. I scratched when I had chicken pox and I have the scars to prove it…aaargh…

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