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ER Intermezzo (but not for me)

Posted on: August 24, 2009

In one of my earliest blog entries, I wrote about my mom and I joking about the expression, “Now is not the time to panic.” We wondered if they – whoever they are – would send out a memo or appear on TV and radio to announce, “Now is the time to panic.” At that point we would run in circles with our hands up in the air screaming. I wrote the good news is that with technology, they can send the panic message via email, text, by Twitter and Facebook.

Actually, I got it the other night from the mother of Michael’s wonderful GF who called me on my cell phone (which I can’t hear well in my house) to tell me they were in the emergency room at Franciscan Skemp. Michael’s GF had a pain so severe that her mother said she should go immediately to an emergency room.

I said we would go there right away except my husband had the nerve to be in the bathroom at the time. So I had to wait a minute or two in my panic before we could go to provide support.

My arms were not up in the air and I was not screaming, although my range of motion after surgery would have allowed it at that moment. And I did feel a bit of panic until we arrived and found them calmly sitting in the waiting area for her to be taken back for the exam. She had already seen the triage nurse.

The wonderful GF turned out to have a kidney stone and not a feared appendicitis. Still we hung out there for three and a half to four hours in ER at the hospital where I had been 12 days earlier having mastectomies. The message is that life goes on; it ain’t all about me, although my writing this blog may not support that case. I just felt there was so much irony to my holding my drains from public view while we were in ER for the Wonderful GF during what I now call the ER Intermezzo.

Wonderful GF’s parents came from across the state to pick her up, although we were back at our house before they got here. She’s doing well, just waiting for the stone to pass. Or as she put it on her Facebook page “has a kidney stone and now is just waiting for the pain that will, apparently, discourage her from ever birthing children.”
Thanks for visiting, Michael and Wonderful GF. May Maggie and Mike’s visit next weekend be a whole less eventful but as much fun.


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