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Imelda, Nathan Detroit & Me

Posted on: August 22, 2009

This blog entry is a two-fer: two cultural icons in one blog entry.

So how do I link Imedla Marcos, Nathan Detroit & Me?

Since I’ve been on the breast cancer treadmill, I have had an image of constantly waiting for the other shoe to fall. So many have fallen over the last couple months that I’ve begun to think that it was all from Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection. As you can see below in this photo of a portion of the Philippines first lady’s shoe collection, there are a lot of shoes potentially to drop.

550pairs070212 1 560b

I missed one shoe Friday when I learned that my bone scan was clear – except for arthritis in my knees. (As if that matters at this point.)

I wasn’t going to get too excited about the bone scan being clear because I still need the results of Friday’s CT scans before I know that the breast cancer has not further spread beyond lymph nodes, which would be a very badder thing (grammatical error intended).

I decided to be happy at what I can and that certainly is a clean bone scan, no bones about it. So I am sharing it.

Now to Nathan Detroit from the musical Guys and Dolls. As we left the hospital, I felt I had dice in my hands. But instead of the proverbial, “Momma needs a new pair of shoes” at the craps tables,” It was “Momma needs a good CT.” I pictured myself rolling those dice wearing a Fedora hat because they are very cool.


Naturally, there is one thing still nagging at me (just one?) In my search for Imelda Marcos photos with shoes, I found this one. Having this shoe fall on a person’s head could really do some damage. And of course, I don’t wear heels.

42248368 imelda ap203x300


1 Response to "Imelda, Nathan Detroit & Me"

love the shoes analogy and the story…hope when the other shoe drops it is the glass slipper or the Dorothy

Ruby slipper so they can bring you the luck you need and deserve..keep writing and using the legal drugs


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