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Seeking extra credit

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Please consider this my official application for extra credit. I don’t know to whom it is directed or if there are many applications ahead of me. Also I wouldn’t want my application to get in the way of those seeking spiritual assistance for free throws, home runs, field goals, heath insurance reform or finding peace in the world.

But come on. I have been a good citizen all my life; I have raised wonderful children who are the best part of my life’s resume because they are caring human beings. I have suffered through the loss of a child to leukemia without destroying myself or everyone around me. I helped my husband through rounds of heart procedures, although not as much as he is helping me now.

OK, I haven’t always been a nice person. Sometimes I’m just plain bitchy, including to my husband who does not need it. And, I said that terrible thing to Lisa U when were in elementary school that still bothers me. I haven’t seen her since high school or I would have apologized to her but 40 years later, what good is that?

But I do try to be kind to others mostly and care about people beyond myself. Really I do.

And even since this diagnosis of breast cancer, I’ve kept my sense of humor making more jokes per breast than the average person makes in a lifetime. Some are downright silly and others, shall we say, have metastized into  dark humor. (That would be the only metastizing that I care to have.)

So I am asking for any extra credit that I might have earned in life to be applied  now that I have gotten the pathology report for my tumor. It shows involvement with six lymph nodes and promotion to stage 3, grade A. There are positives in the estrogen and protestrogen receptibility and other stuff that my surgeon believes will make any remaining tumor susceptible to chemotherapy, but it also means I get to have body and CT scans to ensure my cancer has not spread beyond the breast and nodes. (Xanax is my friend.)

Stage. like age, is just a number, I keep trying to convince myself. With two nodes or six, the treatment will be nasty, brutal and  not so short. I’ll learn more about that in a week or two.

Color of my nose today is partly pink with some black and blue mixed in.


5 Responses to "Seeking extra credit"

You get extra credit…you are a credit to your family, your friends and the many, many people whose lives you have touched by your work. This is a tough time, but you are a pretty tough and resilient person who has come through other storms. Yes sometimes batter and bruised but with a sense of humor, which isn’t easy to do! We are there for you and will laugh and cry with you (when needed) as you go through your treatment and on to recovery.

I love that you are approaching this nasty thing with such a positive and humourous attitude. I think extra credit should be granted for that reason alone. Just know that I always have you and your family in my thoughts, especially when I’m eating ravioli and carrots.

You forgot to mention taking such good care of your mother. For this, I think you get double credit: after all, it is one of the Ten Commandments, and they must mean something, no?

Just make sure you don’t fall into that old trap of coveting your neighbor’s ox, and I think you will be all right.

Sue–I just spoke with the Goddess of Extra Credit and she’s on it! You have definitely met ALL of the requirements, plus (also), she’s throwing in a scholarship, so don’t worry about that whole financial aid headache…k?

However, the tricky thing is, you will not get ANY hard copy of this award. That kind of SUX, but, when you think about it, it’s actually very cool and metaphysical. So, energetically speaking, there is this channel of hugely mighty powerful amazing colorful bold vibrant soaring all-colors throbbing OUT THERE with YOUR NAME on it, and all you have to do is…receive it…when you’re feeling like it…no rush…it’s been paid for…whaddya call that?…will call???????????????


Thanks to all for awarding the extra credit. I hope this doesn’t put me in the category of being the brown noser in school who wanted to get extra homework so I could get extra credit.

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