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What color is my clown nose today?

Posted on: August 17, 2009

I had a down day yesterday after my kids were gone, which made me wonder if anyone would come and rip off my pink clown nose and instead hand me a blue one or a black one. After all, I had just gotten in the shipment of pink clown noses that symbolized my attempt to keep my sense of humor during breast cancer surgery and treatment and there I was feeling sad.

The image of the pink nose being ripped off my face ceremoniously would be like in the old television show, “Branded.” I loved this old western in which Chuck Connors was the only survivor of a U.S. Cavalry unit and was thus accused of being a coward. In the opening each week, all the insignia was ripped off his uniform while they sang these words:

Branded, scorned as the one who ran.
What do you do when you’re branded, and you know you’re a man.

Wherever you go, for the rest of your life
You must prove, you’re a man.

In truth, Connors was a hero, but would not testify against any of his men so he faced. He had been wrongly accused, something he had to deal with forever. Now that’s good television.

Back to my nose … I was talking to my good friend, Simcha, about my nose not being so pink yesterday and we started laughing about some kind of an alert system based on the color of my nose and the terrorism alert system.

These are the nose colors that so far be part of my personal alert system. I’ll entertain others if suggested:

Pink: Funny

Red: Angry, irritated

Blue: Sad

Yellow: Scared of treatment

Black: gothic and/or really sad

White: It’s snowing outside.

Plaid: Wouldn’t that be fun to see.

Runny: Anyone got a Kleenex?

Perhaps we could send these on to Homeland Security Administration and to my husband, so he can now how to respond to my angst or lack of.


4 Responses to "What color is my clown nose today?"

I love the idea of a runny nose! Very cute, mummers!

How about Lime green–you know–boogers, baby!

Oh yah–I love how those of us who don’t have a picture of ourselves to post have a quilt block in that space. Pretty cool for me!


Your nose would definitely be strong, determined, and confident.

What color is that?

Probably your nose would be iridescent. I like that word. It would have to change with your mood that likely runs the gamut right now. I know my nose would be running for cover. And yet I am sure I would want to have a defiant nose as well that would want to intimidate anything that wanted to take down that pride fixture of my nasal expression.

Above all your nose would be heart-colored expressing all your love you give and all the love being given to you all the time.

I suppose I haven’t really answered your question at all.

One perhaps could say that “I nose nothing”. Or was that Klink from Hogans’ Heroes who said that?

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