Pinky Pie

Medicated and Motivated

Posted on: August 16, 2009

Oh, no, another cultural icon: Anne Taintor, who (according to the website) creates “fabulous products, delivered with the quirky, contemporary humor and retro graphics that you love.” If that doesn’t remind you of me then you have not been reading very carefully.

Anyway, as I was getting into the car at the hospital Friday, I saw behind the seat an Anne Taintor notebook that I had purchased some time ago from Nelson Flag and Display in La Crosse, a wonderful gift shop owned by my friends. It was an Anne Taintor, ”

Not only is this from Anne Taintor's Medicated and Motivated line of her products, it's a pillbox.

Not only is this from Anne Taintor's Medicated and Motivated line of her products, it's a pillbox.

and Motivated” notebook. It must have fallen out of my purse some time back.

I laughed because it says it all. I am medicated and oy will I be even more medicated in a few weeks when I start chemotherapy.

But it also tells you a bit of my state of mind now. With a drug or two on board (yup for pain and anxiety) I am medicated. But I’m also motivated.

I am a funny person by nature (at least in my own mind) but don’t think I don’t worry as well. Being funny is how I cope with this stuff.

But I am motivated. I want to do well and that’s the plan.

Support of family, friends, strangers are all important in the getting better world. Thanks to all who have shared their love and support and humor.

Thanks Anne Taintor, whoever you are. Now if I can get Anne Taintor to put a pink clown nose on the this Medicated and Motivated person.

I might Photoshop it myself.


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